20 Ideas for the Play Card from this Weeks Reading

This card has come up often in my life and in this weekly reading, so I thought it might be helpful for you and me to come up with a list of ways to play and celebrate. The Play card is all about having fun, celebrating and to quit the serious energy.

These are big and small, some you can do right now, some require a little planning. This is how you have fun during your day, how you balance your work and your passions, how you celebrate your wins and how you get through your bad moods. Use it however you see fit and add your ways to play too in the comments.

20 Ideas for Play and Celebration

  1. Take a walk without your phone. (at least put it on airplane if you want it for safety or as a camera)
  2. Get up and dance. 
  3. Take a risk and try some new balacning postures in yoga
  4. Take a break from the non-fiction and read a fiction book 
  5. Play with the dog/cat/rabbit/horse/etc
  6. Turn off the phone and dedicate an hour (or even just 5 minutes) to playing whatever game the kids want to do
  7. Turn the music up!
  8. Go for a hike somewhere new
  9. Play an instrument, not to practice it or worry about what it sounds like, just to have fun
  10. Try something new – food, painting, rock climbing, running, singing, whatever sounds thrilling you’ve never done before
  11. Take a fun art class – you know one where you can eat and drink and leave with a finished piece. 
  12. Paint a picture
  13. Create an art journal
  14. Invite over friends to spend time together
  15. Make dinner on the grill have fun outside while it’s heating up and cooking
  16. Go barefoot and walk through all the puddles, the grass and come home with dirty feet
  17. Rearrange all of the pictures on your walls
  18. Go explore a part of town you haven’t before, walk through the shops, the parks, the cool places you haven’t seen
  19. Pick some flowers to keep on your desk
  20. Plant some new flowers, they’ll bring in all the birds, butterflies, and bees for you to watch later too

What would you add to this list of play and celebration? Pick one thing off the list and go do it today! 

(card is from the “Work Your Light” deck by Rebecca Campbell)

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