Angel Card Reading for May 27th

This week we’re talking about the positive changes coming into your awareness. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about fears, and what needs to be released, now we’re in the final week of May and are ready for those positive changes! 
Which card speaks to you today? 


Right now you’re in a great space to play and have fun. You’ve done the work, made it to the other side and now it’s time for fun. You don’t have to wait for anything special, just have fun now. Don’t be so serious about your life. You’re letting go of the struggles and embracing the joy, the fun, the laughter. 

The best way to get started is to celebrate. Celebrate your accomplishments, or what you’re grateful for, or simply because it’s Tuesday. There is no way to celebrate wrong, so don’t wait until you’ve been paid, don’t wait until the kids have a sitter, just celebrate today, right now, anything and everything you can celebrate. You can dance in your office, take the afternoon off, make a healthy treat, or take a walk, it’s up to you how you’d like to celebrate. The more you celebrate, the more that will enter your life that requires celebration. 


You’re learning the value of boundaries. For you, the positive changes are happening because you’ve begun to set clear, intentional boundaries. They may be around your work, your schedule, your morning routine, or who you spend your time with. Whatever you’re setting up, keep going! It’s helping you. You’re able to center yourself and keep all the sucking energies at bay. This is how you light up from within and connect to your true source of power. 

The best way for you to keep this up is to identify what boundaries you’ve put in place this month if you aren’t sure what you did differently. Did you adjust your working hours? Spend less time with certain people? More time with other people? Make a list of what you did this month and whatever boundaries that are still feeling amazing, that you know helped you tremendously, keep them in place. Write them somewhere that you can see them daily. Keep that promise to yourself to stick to it.


The positive changes are showing up in your life by taking you to new places. This doesn’t have to be a physical space. This could be in your dreams, your meditations, or your spiritual practice. Within those places, you’re finding the changes you need to live a healthy, happy life. You’ve been reading, learning, gathering info, and journeying to new areas of your soul (Imrama means Journey of the Soul) and it’s working. You’re finding the sacred in everyday life. 

To keep this positive change going, identify where you are on your journey (The Life Path Spread is a great place to gain more insight into that), what is that you’ve been doing this month. What have you learned? What have you read? What cards have you pulled? Take time to acknowledge everything you’ve done this month, then choose where you want to go next. Is there a book, a course, a place, or a meditation that you’ve been getting called to? Time to get started on that!

Which card called to you this week? What did you learn from that? Where will it take you? Let me know in the comments below! 

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