Angel Card Reading for the Week of June 17th 2019

I’m trying something a little different this week after receiving this inspiration from my morning meditation Monday.

The sets of cards will reveal a thing or situation you need to release. It could be a money block, a relationship, a job, or energy you are currently holding onto, etc. The top card is the situation, and the lower card how to transmute and release that situation.

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Right now you’re awaiting important info. Or you should be. Are you impatient or taking all of the actions before doing your research/soul searching? If you’re taking action before you have all of the info your soul needs you to know, you may be falling into a repeat pattern.

With the Elder card here as the way to work through this situation, I want to know, how often do you leap without looking? Sometimes that’s a good thing, no arguments there, but if you see a pattern involving leaping and failing or leaping and hating the outcome. Take time to recognize this pattern, see what you do each time, notice the things that happen. In the past when you’ve made a decision before having all of the info what happened? Did you fail? Make more work for yourself? Feel bad? Wish you hadn’t made that choice? Those choices are your lessons, learn from them and this time, wait, observe, and then act from a place of wisdom as an Elder would.

Your Mission this week: Wait, be patient, gather info from the Universe and your soul, then act.

Arrow + Water Guardian

This card is about knowing your true north, your focus, and staying steady. But right now you need to release the ideas or fears that you don’t have what you need to be protected. It’s time to let go of the idea that you need all of the things in order to be safe. You’ve been doing all the things trying to be ‘safe’ – be it financially, emotionally, physically, – maybe even protecting those around you. 

With the Water Guardian, you are able to release those fears and blocks, by simply feeling the feels. Let your emotions in. You have everything you need in order to be safe within you. You have your thoughts, your intentions, and prayers. You have the ability to say ‘no’, to call on your Angels, to speak your desires, to share your beliefs – you are all you need. Let the emotions in and explore what it is you actually need to feel safe. Prayer, affirmation, talking to a partner or friend, journaling, etc. 

Your Mission this week: Stand in your power, know that all you need is yourself to be safe and protected, feel the feels and let those emotions flow.

Mountains + Sage

I’m a Taurus, so being stubborn is a little bit in my nature [read: very stubborn]. What is it that you’ve been standing your ground in too much? It’s one thing to have a set of values and stay true to them, it’s another to not move just because you don’t want to admit you were wrong, or that you need help. 

Sage card comes in to help you release by getting grounded, getting connected to your values. Do you want to be right, or do you want to follow your beliefs? Do you want to be right, or do you want to be loved? Do you want to hoard resources, or do you want to work with your resources? Be committed to your true north. When you remain true to that, everything else will fall away. You’ll be able to acknowledge when you’re wrong, when you need help or when you need to adjust your methods.

Your Mission this Week: Assess if you’ve been standing your ground for your beliefs, or just out of stubbornness, get grounded in your beliefs and let everything else fall away.

Which set of cards calls to you this week? Share in the comments, or join the Facebook group to continue the conversation!

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