Angel Card Reading

Know What Your Angels Are Trying To Tell You.

Develop Confidence, Clarity, and Connection.


Are you scared to take the next step?


The reason you haven't taken your next big leap isn't due to a lack of faith, clarity, or even your level of confidence. It's because you don't feel the connection.

The truth is, you need to feel connected to your Angels and your own intuition in order to find the clarity, and develop your confidence.


Working with Ashley is a magical experience as she was able to channel my guides, ancestors and angels to receive answers on situations and paths in my life that I needed more clarity on. The spreads were a confirmation that I am heading in the right direction as we discussed my strengths, challenges and what lies ahead on my journey. Working with her, I was able to see that my intuition was spot on and showed me what situations I needed to acknowledge in order to go to the next level of where I want to be. She explains the card spread perfectly so it’s easy to follow and understand. She also spends extra time sharing her wisdom and being a safe space to talk to, letting you open up about what’s come up for you through the session and where you see yourself going. She has this comforting energy that’s strong but also graceful, which I really enjoy! Such a pleasure to be in her presence and energy!

Misti Stromatt

I recently had an Angel Card reading with Ashley. It was a great experience, for a newbie like me. I had no idea what to expect and she explained things so that it made sense to me. I wasn’t looking for anything specific but the cards that came up made so much sense with what is and has gone on in my life recently. Plus the follow up she provides with the email with the recording and the prompts to ask yourself with what the Angels wanted me to hear and remind me of is great to have as a reference going forward. I definitely will be doing a reading again in the future!


I had the pleasure of meeting with Ashley King for an angel card reading. Her insight into various resources including human design and personality type questions were very helpful. I found the appointment to be thoughtful, personal, insightful and most importantly our time provided clarity and healing in many aspects of my life both personally and professionally. I personally believe that optimal health and beauty is achieved through continually aligning your body, mind, soul, and spirit. Meeting with amazing souls like Ashley helps me to stay balanced physically and maintain a balanced perspective in many aspects of my life. I highly recommend Ashley for an Angel card reading!

Rachel Varga BScN, RN

My angel card reading with Ashley was very accurate for how I have been feeling and has given me clear guidance on action I can take to go in the right direction for fulfilling my life purpose. I liked that the Lord card came up 5 different times and that I had such a clear message to be more of an authority figure and leader in my life and in my business. I left the reading with reassurance on my past choices and feel more peace and excitement for my future. Ashley is gifted at doing readings and certainly delivered a clear message that I didn’t know I needed until afterward. I loved her grounding meditation before and after the reading. Thanks so much!

Alaina Feister

I had a reading earlier today with Ashley King and it was amazing! I love her energy and sincerity. She took her time going over each card and helped me gain clarity by making connections throughout.

If you haven’t had one of her angel readings, I can not recommend it enough. I went into really needing help with my next step and now I feel so empowered to move forward on my path!

Kerin Monaco, Founder of Stars In Her Eyes

You've been feeling stuck in your life and questioning what the 'right' path is. You know that there must be a solution, you just can't decide what you should do next or how to move forward.

Your Angels and guides give you free will, which is a really beautiful concept. But it can also make it difficult to make a decision. You want to know what the right path is.

There really is no 'right' path though. It's that free will we have. The Angels and Guides watch over us and support us with any choices we make. In the end, you must uncover your options, desires, fears, potential outcomes and eventually make the choices that will help you the most right now.

In order to make these choices, we turn to your Angels and Guides and to the cards to help us connect. A reading with me is 1 part guidance from the cards and 1 part intuition.

When you have an unbiased partner helping you, you'll get to the place you need to be.

You'll leave with clarity and actions to move forward with, and prompts for you to use in journaling to dig deeper into your soul with.

I find that many of my clients already know deep down what they should do, but they have so many thoughts in their head that they need a guide to help them sort it all out. I am that guide. I'll help you get to the root of the issue, and narrow down your path to what you need to do for your highest good. I'll ask the harder questions and help you go deeper into Shadow work at times, but it always comes from a loving space.


  • You're confused about what is the 'right' decision.
  • Can't make up your mind.
  • Feel hopeless because you don't know what's next.
  • You doubt yourself.
  • Frustrated because you thought you'd be further in life than you are right now.
  • Bitter that it seems like everyone and their neighbor has their shit together except you.


  • Clarity about where you are in and out of alignment.
  • You feel confident about what you must do next.
  • You know your path right now without a doubt.
  • You feel connected to Spirit, your Angels, and Guides.
  • You feel their support and have small practices you can use daily for that connection.
  • You know you really aren't as far off track as you think.
  • You have an action plan for the next week to get you started.

You're ready for a reading when:

You've tried the self-help section, but haven't taken the action you need for lasting change.

You've tried reading your own cards but something is keeping you stuck, you doubt you're reading them right.

You're done trying to find quick and cheap solutions because they never last.

You're done trying to figure it out yourself with free challenges in your inbox or on Facebook.

You're ready to work 1 on 1 and get the clarity you need right now.


Your Path To Clarity, Connection, and Confidence

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Step 3 - Show up!

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One on One Reading

Video or In-person

One time reading.

Readings start with a short grounding session and end with a short healing session.

Sessions last 45-60 minutes.

$88 Investment

*This link will take you to the Angelic Activation Academy, where you will be walked through the process of scheduling your session and getting the most out of your reading.

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