Angel Card Readings

We'll start off your Angel Card Reading by getting grounded and talking about what's going on currently that you need guidance on. You may want to do a general reading for your first session, or maybe there is something specific around your career or family life.You'll be able to choose your deck and then once I've pulled your 6 or 9 cards, we'll go over each one of them. This is a very interactive process, so the more that you respond, and open up about ideas that arise, the more you will receive from your reading.


Your Angels want the very best for you, so you'll receive the messages you need to hear. You'll leave feeling confident with actionable steps to work through the messages your Angels have for you.

***Any discussion or emails that are exchanged will not be shared with anyone else. This will not be recorded by me, however, you can record the conversation if you wish. 


Ashley took her time and explained the cards and why they were where they were and asked if I had any questions and felt if the cards were resonating with me. I left feeling good but knowing I had some of my own decisions I have to work on over the next little while. - Jessica


Choose Your Reading

60 or 30-minute reading
You get to choose your deck, have 6 or 9 cards revealed you. We'll discuss each card, and I'll send you a zoom call so you can review if you want. You'll also get 2-3 journal prompts that are based on your reading.
Email Reading
Done via email, you'll receive an image of your 9 cards, plus a written description of each one. You'll have the ability to reply with any questions you have. Your reading will also come with journal prompts for further reflection.


Ashley is intuitive and thorough in her readings. Her voice is extremely soothing and she explained everything thoroughly, joyously and compassionately. I would recommend to anyone!  - Dorothea


Read more about my journey with Angels on the blog.

If you'd like to see what Angel Reading is all about, join the Facebook Group where I do weekly readings for everyone.

Angel Messages Every Monday!

Join the Facebook Group, Art.Angels.Lifestyle. and you'll get to choose your card each week and ask questions. The monthly theme will help focus your messages, connecting you deeper to your purpose.