Your Angel Cards Aren’t Your New Magic 8-Ball

Do you remember when Magic 8-Balls were all the rage? You had to have one – if you were a ‘cool’ kid anyway. As soon as you had one, you probably asked the same question over and over until you got the answer you wanted. And wasn’t it depressing when it kept giving you the same answer? You couldn’t trust the thing! Ha! After a while statistics should have given you the answer you wanted.

Although maybe, there was something too that ridiculous ball.

Angel cards can give you much more complex answers since there are 44 cards, and many different combos for your specific question. There are some similarities!

However, you can’t treat them quite the same, because asking the same question over and over again doesn’t work. Why?

If you have kids, you know they love to ask the same question over and over again. After my daughter asks me over and over, I get annoyed and my answers get less detailed. I eventually just stop telling her, since she wasn’t listening anyway. Check out what I’d imagine this to be like below.

The Universe works in similar ways. If you keep asking but don’t listen, the Universe will get annoyed and will stop sending you messages. After all, if you didn’t listen the first 5 times, why should the Universe keep telling you? You aren’t paying attention to the signs or you don’t trust.

Which brings us to:

Do you trust in the Universe? Do you trust your intuition?

If you’re asking the Universe the same questions every day, you may not be putting your faith in the Universe. You’ll be doing what the person in the image above is doing.

If every day you ask “Where will I get $100 (insert any other things you desires)”. You’re telling the Universe you don’t trust the answers you’re being given. Maybe you didn’t hear the message, or maybe you really didn’t trust it. You can certainly ask for clarification, but if you just keep asking, as if you didn’t hear, then you won’t hear anything.

Change Your Language

Ask something open such as “What do I need to know today?”. That question is open-ended, anything could come up. If you listen to what comes up and act upon it, then the Universe knows you trust.

Language is so powerful. You have the power to manifest whatever you focus on. If you aren’t getting the messages you expect, change your language. Show the Universe you mean business, and that you trust in everything She has to say.

Remember this isn’t a Magic-8 ball. There are infinite answers if you are ready to listen.

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