Angelic Healing Program

Be the Artist of Your Life

3-Month Angel Card Reading and Healing Package to connect with your Angels for confidence to take your next step!

Do you have big dreams?

Do you work hard for them but feel like it's always 1 step forward, 2 steps back?

Are you frustrated and ready to give up?

Don't give up yet. 
I understand what you're going though. I've been there many times. In that discouraging dance, just waiting for things to fall apart, expecting to just go backward after a small breakthrough. That dance though is what helps you uncover your deep-rooted beliefs that you can't have what you desire.
You will connect with your Angels to get clear on your goals, and the beliefs that are holding you back. You will learn to uncover your true desires and gifts so that you can accomplish your dreams and work with life, instead of against it.
Working with your Angels you’ll find the answers you’re looking for. I’ll be your guide to connect with them.

Join the One Month Trial for $111

Benefits You Will Experience

Confidence to take your next steps.

Clarity in what you desire.

Connection to your Angels and your intuition.

Relief and joy knowing that you are on the right path.

What you receive:

3, 60-minute Video Calls or in-person sessions.

We'll pull cards and interpret them to give you the clear guidance you desire. Having clear guidance takes away the doubt and the struggle. It makes it super easy to work with your Angels. 

Actions to take Between Calls

Call it soul homework. The homework that makes you feel good in your soul and helps you paint the life you envision. These are specific actions that you can take to co-create your desired life.

Angelic Healing

Personalized guided meditations that connect you to your Angels, work through any blocks that come up, and help you envision your desired life. 


Includes note pages with the different readings we will do. Allowing you to take your own notes for deeper understanding. I'll add on to your workbook throughout our time together for a personalized experience. 

Access to Me Between Calls

Ask questions, keep me updated with breakthroughs, and share your celebrations between our calls on Voxer.

This is your path to freedom.

Change doesn't happen overnight. Lasting change requires habit to be reformed, it requires accountability, with 3 months you begin unraveling the questions and fears and patterns you've been holding on to.

With three months you begin to feel the healing, not during your reading, but when it really counts, out in your everyday life. The things you desire to change, find and grow begin to appear.

In three months you will be the artist of your own life.

You will feel the connection with the Angels when you need them surrounding you. 


Angelic Healing is an energetic experience that draws the light of the Angels into your body to help you heal any past traumas or struggles that have kept you from your desires. You will feel lighter and brighter. Your mind will be clear. You will feel more confident and whole. Your life is yours. Don't let old patterns from lifetimes past hold you back and keep you guessing. Angelic Healing can be done from anywhere because we are working with Universal energy. 

Client Love

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  • You're confused, indecisive, and fearful
  • You're feeling attached to the time, thinking "I'm running out time."
  • Why is this happening?
  • You're worried that you'll never find your passion, purpose, career, love etc
  • Feeling like you should be further along in your life
  • What am I going to do with my life?


  • Confident, encouraged, bright and happy
  • You'll feel lighter, light a weights been lifted off your shoulders
  • You know what you must do next
  • energized, your head may feel a little buzzy/tingly
  • You'll feel optimistic, hopeful, clam, relieved
  • You know that you're a beautiful soul

This is for you if you:

  • want to learn how to trust your intuition
  • want to make big life transitions
  • don't want to live in fear any longer
  • believe in the power of prayer and open to Spirituality
  • desire to find a way
  • are at rock bottom and ready to rise
  • feel like you are destined to so much more, but don't know what or how to get there

This is not for you if you:

  • Don't believe in the Angels guidance
  • don't want to do the work and dig into your shadow work
  • aren't committed to growth

Trust Your Intuition and Create the Life You Desire

$111 - 1 Month Trial - Only 2 Spaces Left!

After the last 2 trial spots are taken, Angelic Healing Program will be $333.00 per Month for 3 Months.

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