Art has always been in my life. Over the years it's place in my life has changed a little. Before kids, I stressed over creating the best art, and it would take me months to finish one painting. Now, art is how I de-stress. If I don't spend time creating, I can feel it. Now, if it takes me months to finish, it's because I decided to switch over to the slowest medium available! It may be slow, but I love colored pencil more than anything!

Painting and drawing doesn't have to be your idea of a good time. It could be writing, dancing, singing, cooking, or any other artform. It could even be spending time doing kids crafts with your littles. Find something that helps you de-stress and light up!

Many of these artworks are for sale in the shop! If you don't see one that's for you, I also offer commissions, so just ask.

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