What patterns have you been holding onto? This card is all about looking at those things that come up and make you feel like you’ve just circled back to where you started. You are never where you began, and when you look at these patterns, you can begin to change further. Notice where you’re holding on, where old beliefs or family beliefs are keeping you here.

The aboriginal energy on this card offers you the wisdom to work in this world and to work through blocks that have been in place. It’s time to create your own story, your own path.

Fire Guardian

The fire is nothing to fear. It’s here to ignite your passions, your desires and burn away what you no longer need. Just like the sun rises in the east, bringing warmth and fuel to our days, the fire brings that same energy and passion. The fire will burn away any fears, shame, or guilt you have for your desire. It gives you the energy you need to get through any blocks in your path and get to work.

Guardian Angel

You’re never alone. Your guides and Guardians are right there with you, all you have to do is ask them. Ask them for support, guidance or anything you may need. The feather is their reminder that they are near. If you see one on your path in a place you wouldn’t normally see a feather, thank the Angels.

The star you see in the background of this card shows how we are all linked, to each other, to the ancestors, and the future generations. The star is created with the golden ratio – which requires a lot of complex explaining, so I won’t go into detail here, but know that this pattern can be seen in much of nature. Look to nature for her signs that your Guardian is present, supporting you as you work.

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