August 26th Angel Card Reading


Have you been searching for answers but not finding what you need? Sometimes we get so focused on each little detail we forget to take a look at the full picture. In the large scope of things, the small details don’t matter as much.

This week, take a step back. Ask yourself why you’re even looking for this answer/outcome/opportunity. Ask why you desire it, how you got started, what will it do for you in the long run?

Example: Let’s say you started your own business. You’re focusing hours and hours every single day trying to bring in income and are getting burnt out. Making money this week will help towards that goal you have, so you believe that if you keep working, you’ll reach it. But all along the goal was to find more freedom. Now is the time to start with the end in mind. Start with feeling free, and then work backward to how you can have freedom now and work efficiently.


Where do you feel stuck? Where do you feel like you need to make changes? This week will be about seeing where you want to pivot. Have you been working a part of the business that you really hate? Maybe you find a way to make it more fun or to delegate it. If you’re tired of the traffic on the way home, maybe you’re thinking about changing locations/jobs/schedule so you can go a different way. See where you can make changes that help you flourish.

Heart Guardian

You are made of love, to experience love and love others. Sometimes we forget this and get caught up in all the busyness. This week take time to love yourself. That could be by taking the afternoon off, fueling your body with nutritious food, or doing something that you love to do. Take time also to be with people who love you. Let them do the dishes for you, or buy you something, etc (whatever your love language needs to feel loved).

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