August 5th Angel Card Reader

High Priestess

You are powerful. You are magical. You are able to create what you desire. You are the magician. This week is all about rising into your power. Truly embracing your power to create and manifest. Get close with your intuition, with your Angels and guides, and create.

The black cat she’s with represents the Goddess Bast. She is here to help guide you and protect you on your mission this week.

Star Ancestor

What does your soul need right now? What is it calling for? A star ancestor is dedicated to healing the world. You were born to be a star, a healer, in this world. Follow what your soul needs, follow what lights you up. Then you’ll find your path and help others light up along the way. When you’re following what lights you up, and sharing it, you’re healing the world. You don’t need to share it with the masses, but share it with someone.

Have you ever learned something and felt like you already knew it? It’s because you already did know it, you’re just remembering it from another lifetime. Take note of these things because they may be part of your healing journey.

White Witch

You are connected to all of the elements, earth, air, fire, water, spirt. You are a being of Mother Nature. The maiden on this card represents you looking at things, especially nature, with childlike innocence and purity. Explore as if it’s the first time you’re seeing it.

The horned owl represents the wise one. Remember that you’ve gained wisdom along the way, remember that there are wise ones in your life. While you can look with innocence, don’t forget to remember what the wise ones, including yourself, have taught you.

Which card did you choose today?

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