Fire N' Ice

Fire N' Ice

I finished this drawing in 2019 and it's been hanging on my wall since then. But I hadn't done anything with it until a couple amazing people at the Art Crawl got interested in it. So began my process of finding a poster making company, and stitching photos together in photoshop. 

I love drawing bright, chestnut horses, and this one I took even brighter than life. I couldn't find the colors in images that I was looking for, but this pose was exactly what I was picturing. 
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She dares to be bold.
She dares to be bright.
She lights up her world. 
She has chosen what lights her up and that is a bold color, the sunshine on her coat, mane in the breeze. 
No one can tell her how to live her life; she is much too wild and free for that. 
Don't try to contain her because her thoughts, beliefs, and desires flow out of every pore. 
She's here to stay as long as you treat her as the wild and untamed creature she is. 
Fly free, Fire N' Ice. Fly free, wild one. 
The reference photo where I began this project. Photo by Michael Anfang on Unsplash.

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