My Full Moon Practice

My Full Moon Practice

Tonight is the Full Moon and this is my practice. I’ve been holding my own sessions for the New and Full Moons for over a year now. At first I would only write down a couple intentions or goals, then I started using workbooks I purchased, and eventually, it turned into reading cards and letting them guide what I was to work on. As I’ve learned more and explored more, my practice has developed.

Get ready

First I pull out everything I want that night. The cards I want, my journal and pen, a candle, sage, lighter, my notebook holding my spreads.

Open the Space

When I sit down in my office, I light some sage and palo santo, and a candle. This sets the space up for me, clearing the energy. Whenever I light the sage, the mood is set, I feel lighter and more focused.

Pull and Read My Cards

Next, I’ll pull my 6 card spread (I love the one from Biddy Tarot), plus any additional cards for other questions I have or anything that needs additional clarity. My cards include what I’ve accomplished over the last month, and what is coming into my awareness at the moment. (Check out the spread here.)

I like to choose a deck that speaks to me that night. Sometimes I love my regular deck, Angel Prayers, and sometimes I love this new deck, Moonology.

Each moon cycle, I also love to take a picture before I put away my cards. That way I can save my spread for the next time and see the patterns in my cards. I’m a visual person, so while yes, I’ll have written records of the cards, I like to just see them.


I’ll journal about each card as I go, and then talk about what I feel afterward. I’ll also look over my cards, and write out specific things I want to let go of. I’ll go over my intention from the new moon and see where I need to adjust and reset those intentions and expectations.

During this time, I’ll also write down what I’ve accomplished and what I hope to accomplish in the next few weeks. I’ll celebrate those accomplishments in the coming days.

My journal is the space for me to work out what went wrong for goals I didn’t accomplish and figure out how to adjust in the coming weeks. Sometimes it ends up being the space where I realize that

Burn It Down

When I’m done journaling, I’ll grab a scrap paper and just start writing down everything I want to release. Sometimes it’s just a couple things and sometimes it fills the paper. Words, thoughts, ideas, phrases, bad habits, etc can all go on this paper. Whatever I’m feeling that night. When I’m done I’ll burn it outside if it’s nice, or in the woodstove if not. Saying a prayer of release while I do.


When I’m done, I’ll thank the Angels, close my journal, pick up my cards and knock them 3 times, and finally blow out the candle. Officially closing out the space, ending my session.

Do you have a Full Moon practice? What will you add to your practice?


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