My Morning Routine: Crystals

My Morning Routine: Crystals

The final thing that I do each morning is to choose a crystal.

I select the piece that feels in alignment with me that day. Different Crystal’s do different things. My amethyst is good for protection, my crystal quartz for energy and my garnet for grounding.

My favorite pieces of jewelry are from Foxlark Alchemy. She creates amazing works of art.

If I choose my amethyst, I say a little prayer:

“Thank you, Archangel Michael, for cutting the chords that bind me to people, places, situations or fears that are not for my highest good. Thank you Holy Amethyst for holding me in the Violet Flame to transmute any negative energies that come within a 10-foot radius of me.”

Then I put the necklace on and carry on with my day.

That’s my routine! CellSentials, smoothies, Angel Cards, and crystals.

What’s your morning routine like? What is one thing you wish you could include in your routine?

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