My Morning Routine: Pull A Card

My Morning Routine: Pull A Card

The next thing that I do every morning is to pull a card for myself.

Just one card to give me direction for the day. I use the message as a guide. If it says I need to take care of my energy, I do at least one thing for that. If it says I’m almost hitting my goal, I’ll get on it and work that day.

Pulling that card helps me get grounded each day and makes sure I stay connected to my intuition and Angels. It’s one thing that I know I can do every day to develop my own practice.

How I Pull My Angel Card

I hold my deck of choice in my hands, close my eyes, take a deep breath in and out and then ask:

“What do I need to know today for my highest good?”

There are a few days when I don’t do this and that is when I’ve kept getting the same card. Then I hold off on pulling one so that I can focus on getting to the bottom of why I’m getting that card. There are also some days when I just don’t feel like pulling a card. On those days I don’t push it, I just flow with the energy and listen.

Do you pull a card for yourself every day?

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