The Making Of: Intuition – Card #14

The Making Of: Intuition – Card #14

I want to tell you the story of how I create each of my cards. Think of this as my Guidebook to my personal deck of cards. As I create new ones, I’ll share more stories. You’ve got at least 22 weeks of stories coming your way, one each week. The majority of my cards are created in Inktense pencils on watercolor paper and these are their creation stories. 

My Intuition:

The fire and the calm

Connect with your intuition today. Get quite and listen to what it has to say. Notice how it moves, the colors, the patterns, and textures. Feel the fire below that fuels you. Feel the cool, calming waters above that moves you. There is something that you haven’t been listening to and today is that day to start listening.  

The Inspiration and Meaning of this Card

When I began a mini-course on letting it all go, on releasing attachments and fears, I didn’t think I’d be creating art. But as I saw meditating on one of the journal prompts, I began seeing this image, before I had done anything with it though, I turned the page in the booklet and the very next exercise was to draw what your intuition looked like. Or rather you got bonus points for drawing it. I knew that this image I had in my mind was what it looked like. 

The fire at the bottom is what fuels me. It’s my drive. My energy. My passion. The blue above is the calm, peaceful, happy, flowy portion of my intuition. Two sides. Yin, Yang. Fire and air. Balanced in harmony.

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