The Making of: Magick – Card #13

The Making of: Magick – Card #13

I want to tell you the story of how I create each of my cards. Think of this as my Guidebook to my personal deck of cards. As I create new ones, I’ll share more stories. You’ve got at least 22 weeks of stories coming your way, one each week. The majority of my cards are created in Inktense pencils on watercolor paper and these are their creation stories. 


Engage with all the Elements

Get outside in nature and call in the 5 elements. Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Spirit. Be the magician. Keep your eyes open because magick is all around you. All the elements come together to create magick inside and all around your world, and as the Magician, you have the power to affect these elements. 

The Inspiration and Meaning of this Card

Learning about the magician card, has me all magickal. Ever since learning that it is my birth card in tarot, I’ve taken on the magician archetype. Which lead me to books on Witches and magick, and learning how to call in the elements and create ritual. Rituals with all the elements and the seasons was something that I’ve been looking for forever, I just didn’t realize it.

I’ve always been connected to nature. I’ve always loved the water. I always loved a good fire outside and a plethora of candles. And even if I didn’t know it at the time, I’ve always had a connection to spirit in some form or another. As I’ve gone deeper into my spiritual journey, I’ve come across many different paths. All of which hold value to me. I’ve taken bits and peices from each on as I’ve gone. The things that make sense to me, and the things that have pushed my bubble a little more than I realized I needed it. It’s opened my eyes up to truths that I didn’t know I knew. Truths that felt more like a coming home than new knowledge. 

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