The Making of : The Full Moon – Card #10

The Making of : The Full Moon – Card #10

want to tell you the story of how I create each of my cards. Think of this as my Guidebook to my personal deck of cards. As I create new ones, I’ll share more stories. You’ve got at least 22 weeks of stories coming your way, one each week. The majority of my cards are created in Inktense pencils on watercolor paper and these are their creation stories. 

The Full Moon

Moon Magic

The Full Moon has a cycle like all things. You too are part of a cycle. You will go through many different cycles in your lifetime. Know that each cycle does not last forever. Now is the time to go within, release what is no longer serving you, and then shine your brightest self out into the world. 

The Inspiration and meaning of this Card

I painted this card on the Full Moon because that is the time for releasing what no longer serves us. It’s a good thing to remember during any time of the year. To release what doesn’t serve our highest good. The moon cycle also reminds us that we all have a cycle. There are cycles through all of nature. If I pull this card on a day where I’m depressed and anxious, I am reminded that this is just part of the cycle, it’s not forever. We cycle through the good and the bad, the light and the dark many times throughout our lives. With each cycle, we learn, we grow and then we release what we no longer need. 

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