The Making of: The Wand – Card #3

The Making of: The Wand – Card #3

I want to tell you the story of how I create each of my cards. Think of this as my Guidebook to my personal deck of cards. As I create new ones, I’ll share more stories. You’ve got at least 22 weeks of stories coming your way, one each week. The majority of my cards are created in Inktense pencils on watercolor paper and these are their creation stories. 

The Wand

Manifest your Desires

You hold the wand that creates the magick. Your power to manifest is high right now. Direct your wand (your thoughts, intentions, etc) at that which you desire to manifest. Take inspired action and then leave the rest up to the Universe. Trust that what you desire and what you take action on will unfold and appear in your life. You are more powerful than you can even imagine yet. 

The Inspiration of this Card

I found out that my personality Tarot card was the Magician during a wonderful program, my friend, Kerin Monaco created. I was super connected to that message. And when I began reading about the Magician card, I fell in love with the meaning. For my birthday, I bought myself a wand necklace from Foxlark Alchemy and this card design is based on that necklace.

The Meaning of the Wand

The wand is an extension of your arm. You direct your energy through it to manifest what you desire. The Magician “actively directs their own power through the wand, as well as harnessing the elements around them in the material realm.” – Coloring Book of Shadows Tarot Journal, Amy Cesari

It’s made from a twig (even my necklace has a twig inside) and a garnet. Both represent all of the elements, twig grows in the earth, so does the garnet, water, and air to help the tree grow. All of this calling us back to the earth, rooting us down. They remind us that we are of this earth, yet we have the power to work miracles. 

Garnet is “A stone of health and energy, garnet enhances passion and pleasure. It helps to move the chi and energy within the body, stimulating physical activity.” – Lisa Lister, Witch

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