What to do when you’re feeling rage

What to do when you’re feeling rage

Feel it. Don’t stifle it. Don’t hold it in. Use it. Try martial arts. Punch a pillow. Write an angry letter, channeling all your rage into something beautiful. Connect with Kali.

Do whatever you need to do to let it out, but whatever you do, do not push it down or extinguish it before it’s time. The world is feeling it all now, for the first time. We need more people with the rage, with the anger, with the unbreakable boundaries. We need you. Together we will burn everything that doesn’t work to the ground. 

The world is so connected, every moment of every day. Messages coming from our phones, families, communities. Both online and in person. Women have been trained for too long to be people-pleasers. We have been taught that we must be selfless. That to give up your self, is to be the best kind of person. That we must do everything for everyone else. And that we get nothing until everyone else has been served. We’ve been told that in order to be loved, we must end over backward, and have no boundaries, hoping that we have something left over to live a little between the kids bedtime and ours.

That time is over. 

We are waking up.

We are burning it down.

We are using our anger.

We are making boundaries that serve us.  

We are daring to show our wild selves that dream bigger and bolder dreams.

When we serve ourselves first with love, compassion, and connecting to who we truly are, we can then serve others. 

If we have no boundaries, we have no self and if we have no self, we can’t help anyone else. 

These changing times are here for us to create the sustainable boundaries we need. All else will burn down with a little help from Kali. 

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