What To Expect During Your First Angel Guide Session

What To Expect During Your First Angel Guide Session

Angel Oracle Readings provide so much insight so that you can learn to trust yourself, get clear on what you want to do next, and move forward confidently.

Every reader does things a little differently. Some start with a chat, or with meditation. Some will send things beforehand, and some won’t have any contact at all except for while you’re talking. While everyone is different, what matters the most is that you’re receiving the information you need in a way you need it to come through. You need to feel comfortable and confident with who you’re sitting with. 

Here’s how I do things. This is what you can expect when you book a reading with me, as of this writing. 

Before your first Angel Oracle Reading

When you book your reading, you’ll get your own account that will have a few extras in it. In there you’ll find a place to schedule your reading and any future readings. You’ll also find some worksheets you can print out for taking notes on. 

Before we meet on Zoom, print out the worksheets or grab a journal to take notes. You’ll want to write down your intentions. I’ve always found that even when my questions are important, once I get on a call and start chatting, I forget some of them unless I have them written out. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself before we begin. Some may not apply to you right now, but they are a good place to spark some other ideas. 
  1. What do I want to get from this session?
  2. What do I need to release?
  3. What situations need a resolution?
  4. I want to feel ______, but currently I feel ______.
  5. What should I do about _______ [insert situation, business idea, life struggle, etc]?

Set yourself an intention, and share it when we get started. Your intention may to be open to whatever comes up, it may be related to one of the questions above. 

Find a quiet space you can focus. Life happens, so if you get interrupted, that’s fine, but it’s best if it’s nice and quiet and we can focus for the entire time. 

During Your Reading

I like to start and close with a little grounding. A few deep breaths, a little white light guided through your body. This just helps you get grounded, calm, centered and tuned into what comes up during our session. 

Then we’ll talk about your intention, where you’re at currently and where you want to be. 
When I’ve pulled cards, be open to what you hear and please ask questions, share stories, and insights you feel. This discussion helps me guide you to the answers you need.

Some messages that come through may feel triggering. If it does, say so. We’ll talk about why and what you can do with that knowledge. 

Throughout there may be messages or cards that just give you this feeling of “Yes! I knew that.” Listen to that. Notice what it feels like. In many cases we know what comes up, we simply haven’t uncovered it, or let ourselves feel it. It’s human. It’s because we get so many messages from outside of ourselves over lifetimes that we don’t trust it, or don’t want to hear it when the true inner knowing shows up. When a card makes you feel “I knew that”, that is your Angels reminding you that you can trust your inner knowing. 

You’ll leave with knowledge about yourself, and your current situation to put to good use. You get a reading to learn something, so if you aren’t learning what to do with it, then what’s the point? I’ll remind you of what you should be working on now, and what you can think on to get to where you want to go. 

After the reading

After your Angel Oracle reading, I’ll send you the images of your cards, and anything else that we discussed while on the call. Sometimes this is a resource that came up, or a list of actions you should take, affirmations, etc.

What you may experience after your reading:

There may be many things coming up after your session. You may feel at ease, and happy and peaceful, you may feel excited about what came up. Sometimes I’ve personally noticed that right after a reading, I’m on an energy high, and then shortly after I feel like I’ve crashed. 

You may need more grounding if you’re feeling jittery, or tired, or woozy.

If you’re just feeling out of it, take a few minutes to shake it out, shake your hands, move your neck, stretch, jump up and down, etc.  Writing sometimes helps too, just to get all of the thoughts out of your head. All of these things bring you back to the present reality. 


  • Make sure you drink lots of water
  • Take it easy, don’t just jump right back in.
  • Write everything down
  • Rest, or do some yoga, or some other calming activity

You may think of more questions or insights into the cards over the next couple of days, so just take note when they come through and feel free to ask me! 

If I haven’t heard back in the next few days, I’ll reach out and see how things are going. 

Now, you’re ready to have your first Angel Oracle Reading!


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