November 4th Angel Card Reading

The Theme of November

Magick Guardian
This month is going to all about unlocking the magick within you. Your inner magick. You are intuitive, and a super powerful manifester. Connect to it (your magick) in any way that you connect. Maybe that's through drawing, creating, spells, getting out into nature, or writing. Really connecting, feeling the energetic flow. You can be this powerful. You have the desire. You want to manifest, now is the time.
Shes the keeper of inner magick. Call on her when you need assistance.

What to focus on this week to unlock the Magick?

Shield Maiden
Focus. Figure out what you desire, then go for it. What does magick and manifestation look like for you? Do you need to get super detailed? Or just get a general idea? This is tied into your human design, whether you need to get all of the details or just a few.
Once you know what you want, make your plans and follow through. Keep that commitment to yourself to keep up with your plans. It's all about focusing on what you want to manifest. It's focusing on the magick, noticing the moments when the energy is flowing and keeping that momentum. When you see something manifest, thank the Angels, thank the Universe, and keep going. If you aren't feeling it, adjust your plans, but keep going.
Work backwards from your desired result. Then find ways to get started and make it happen!

What can assist us in making these plans?

White Witch
Be the light.
Seeing things with fresh eyes, with a new perspective. Letting go of the past and moving forward with total optimism. Have trust and faith that what you desire will come to fruition.
The owl is a sign of wisdom, of elders, those you have come before you. When making your plans, is there someone or some place you can go to ask for help? Someone you would trust their advice? Hearing the advice and then doing what you feel is best. Take what resonates and leave the rest.
You are safe, you are protected. Even with total innocence on your path, you are still safe. You are connected with all the elements. You are working from the heart and soul along with the logical side.

What will your challenge be when unlocking your magick?

Fire Guardian
You will find your challenge around your passion. You need to work with your passions, not against them. If you are going about your magick in a logical way, if you are doing things you don't love, it will be an energetic drain. It will take you away from the magick.
Do the things that feel good, that you feel passionate about. Things that feel pleasurable. Let go of the 'shoulds' and do what feels good.
You'll see this come up from time to time over the month. It's just a test to see how badly you want to be connected to your Angels, your guides, your inner wisdom. Don't let the little things derail you. If you find you're off course, just readjust and thank the Angels for reminding you of your powerful magickal energy!

Connect With Your Angels For Clarity And Confidence.

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This is something that I wrote ages ago but never shared. I guess I was afraid to share it, or just wasn't ready. But here it is, after learning from it myself, and doing a few edits, it's ready to be shared with the world. Some thoughts on forgiveness.

Forgiveness isn't something that happens on your schedule or anyone else's schedule. It takes time, it takes patience. It takes getting to your breaking point and surrendering. No one can tell you when you need to forgive. It's too personal for someone to tell you. well, they can tell you, but it's a personal practice and only your body and soul will know when it's time. 

It knows no schedule. The Angles and the Universe have a different sense of time than we do. The only thing we can do is ask ourselves what we need in that moment and go from there. For awhile that may simply be to feel angry, to feel the resentment, to feel the pain. But one day it will click and things will turn around for you.

Forgiveness can take on many looks. Forgiveness, keep in mind, really isn't for the person you are forgiving, it's for you. It's your own personal practice. When you forgive, you free your mind and soul up to receive the next step. Which could be to go back to the way things were before. To try a different version of what things were, same people, but different patterns. Or it could be to keep your distance and forge a new path entirely. Or some variation in between. That is up to you. Your Angels and your guides will be right there with you to back you up when you are lost. They want what you want and will show you the way if you are open to receiving their messages and guidance. 

If you need some guidance on how to get started, try a yoga practice. Get on your mat, sit in meditation, or consult your angel cards. 

If you need help, book an Angel Card Reading with me. This is something that the Angels will always help with, and the cards can really help you begin to heal.

Connect With Your Angels For Clarity And Confidence.

It's time for you to take your next leap, but you need help connecting to your Angels to boost your confidence and provide clarity on what direction to go in.

Book your Angel Card Reading with me today.

October 14th Angel Card Reading

Fire Guardian

This week is all about passion and reigniting your passion for life, for your projects and work. For simply living life. 
The fire burns away what is no longer serving you, while simultaneously getting you excited for what you're passionate about. 
This fiery power can come out in rage, in creativity, in drive, or simply that excited buzzing energy for all of life.


Step away from the ego.

You don't need to be right. You don't need to prove that you are right. When you are fighting to be the one who is right, ask yourself is it because you truly believe this, or because you just want to be right?

If it's just because you want to be right, that's the ego. Let it go. You don't need it here. Even if what you're saying or doing is accurate, and someone else doesn't believe you, you don't need to fight for your answer. You can simply let go of the fight, and realize that they won't understand this until they have figured it out for themselves. Sometimes that takes only a few hours or day and sometimes it will never happen. Depending on the person and the particular issue. 

Welcome in peace. Welcome in the peace that flows when you stand in integrity, trust yourself and let others opinions go.


Faith. Trust that there are forces out there working on your behalf. Trust that they have your best interest in mind. Notice the drum, it's used for traveling to other realms, to visit dream space, to connect to your guides, to learn and grow.

The shaman was the wise elder of the tribe. The one whom everyone else turned to. How can you embody that this week? How can you lead and impart wisdom on others?

Where To Find These Cards

These cards are from the Angels and Ancestors deck by Kyle Gray. Click the link to the right to purchase your own deck!

(This is an affiliate link and I may make a small commission off of your purchase.)

October 7th Angel Card Reading

Sisterhood of the Rose

Devotion. You are a teacher, a mystic. You’re being called to get out into nature, to see the beauty of Mother Earth and then add to that beauty. You’re here to see the good in the world and magnify that good.

If you’re an artist, create art with gratitude for this beauty. If you write, write about beauty, about Mother Nature. However you create, create in Her name.

Devote yourself to the beauty and mysticism that is all around you and notice what happens when you do.

The Ever-Unfolding Rose

It’s not happening to you, it’s happening for you. No matter how much it hurts, no matter how hard it is, it’s happening for you. It’s cracking you open in a way that you will make you ready to birth a new age, in a way that will make you ready to take on a new way of being.

When you look at a rose, notice the patterns. Notice how you feel and what is drawing you in. This pattern is the pattern of life. How everything goes in cycles and slowly opens, then petals fall, the flower dies and a new one is grown. Much like life, slowly we open to a new way of being, the old parts fall away, an old self dies, and a new one takes its place.

Have faith, and don’t shut down when things get rough. Let your heart continue to open.

Birthing a New Age

When you have been cracked open, when you have devoted yourself to your path, to the mysticism of the earth, then you create a new world. When you begin working on yourself, you begin to realize what you want the world to look like.  You first need this vision.

You may be in a transition phase and not feel ready to create a new world, a new project, a new artwork, etc, but do it anyway. Begin before you’re ready. This is the way it works. This is how we create something new. We see our desires, we envision a new way, and then we take action before we think we are ready. Your Angels will be there every step of the way to help you, so take the leap and birth a new age.

Go Deeper, Create A Deeper Connection With Your Angels

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(Cards are from the Work Your Light Deck by Rebecca Campbell)

September 23rd Angel Card Reading

Water Guardian

This week will be all about your emotions that you need to let go of. Water connects with the West and with Autumn. Since the 23rd was the first day of Autumn, it's a great time for you to dig into the emotions you are experiencing this week and release the ones that no longer serve you. It's a time to flow with your emotions, to feel them fully.

Don't be afraid to dig a little deeper and keep asking yourself questions like 'why does that make me feel ----?' or 'why am I afraid to ------?', etc. Just keep asking yourself a string of questions like this until you reach a breakthrough, a place where you've never been before, something that you've never uncovered before.


This week it's time to move in a new direction. It's time to try something new. To go a new way, try a new way of doing things, or take on a new opportunity.

See where you've come from, release what no longer serves, and carry on in a new way. It's all about exploring, and breaking through the bounds that have kept you locked away. 

This week I cut off half my hair, bought a pair of bright red jeans, cleaned out space, sold a few things. and it feels amazing! it's a new direction for me to be getting clearer on who I work with and who I am. This is just an example, but it's my way of learning to work in a new way and to release directions that weren't serving me.


Right now is not the time to act. It's time to review the information you have and wait for additional information. This can come from your intuition, it can come from signs you ask for, opportunities that present themselves, or feedback from small actions.

Gather the info, look for the signs or maybe listen to that outspoken friend and pull what you need from what she keeps repeating. 

It's also important here to mention that you shouldn't let our wants get in the way of your needs. We want that instant gratification, but sometimes what we NEED takes longer to get to us and we just need to be patient while it's coming. Truly open your eyes. See what's coming up for what it is. Is it avoidance, or self-sabotage, for example. 

When you gather the information first, you'll be better prepared to make the best decision for yourself.

Where To Find These Cards

These cards are from the Angels and Ancestors deck by Kyle Gray. Click the link to the right to purchase your own deck!

(This is an affiliate link and I may make a small commission off of your purchase.)

September 16 Angel Card Reading

Mirror Guardian


Where are you right now? Take time to reflect on what’s happening right now, where you’ve been, where you’re going. Your reflection can happen through journaling, or reviewing your social media usage, or chatting with a friend. It’s up to you how you reflect, but take note of what’s working, what’s not working, how far you’ve come and where you want to go. 

We are moving into a new season, the fall decor is out in stores, the air might be chillier, (except here, it got hot again strangely), the leaves are beginning to change colors, and the idea of the fall holidays are in our minds. Fall is the time when the leaves dry up and fall off the branches without hesitation. It’s just what they do. So review what’s coming up, are there things that you are ready to let go of? Anything that is ready to be released into the world? What could be changed a little to feel even better?


Stand Your Ground

The magic happens below the surface. There is one way that we present ourselves, our services, our products to the world, but the parts that we work on in private is where the magic happens. Those times when you notice something that triggers you and then get to work on why and uncover the stories from your past. When you’ve done that work, and then show back up to share, you shine. 

In those moments, when you’ve worked through all the limiting beliefs, the old stories, the old habits, you’re able to stand your ground. You’re able to stand in your truth. Nothing will shake you. No one’s opinions, no one else’s beliefs about you, nothing. You will stand your ground, feel rooted, connected and in connection with Divine. 

Water Guardian


This week is all about feeling your emotions. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the much needed. Feel into them. It may be difficult, it may feel horrible. But you won’t be in this phase forever. This won’t be the only emotion you feel for the rest of your life.

“What you resist, persists.”

Carl Jung

Meaning that if you push the feelings away, or say ‘I shouldn’t feel like that’, you will continue to experience this. It will turn into this energy leak that causes a lot of anguish. If not right now, it will eventually. 

On the flip side, it may feel great or lead to feelings of relief and excitement. Maybe you need to feel the discomfort, release it, or realign, and then feel relief or excitement about the next phase. 

Angel Card Reading September 9

September 9th Angel Card Reading


Retreat and Recharged

Get quite within your body. Clear your mind. Let thoughts pass in and out without judgment. It’s not a clearing the mind in that you don’t have any thoughts at all, think of it as an organization. Some items you toss, some items you keep, but put away, some items you organize into different areas of your house. Your thoughts are the same. Some you don’t need at all like the limiting beliefs or the negative self-talk, some you don’t need right now like what you’re going to have for dinner next week, and some you just need to organize so that you can find them again when you’re done meditating. 

This is your time to recharge. You don’t need to be surrounded by people and things all the time, sometimes you just need to focus on your own self care and feel connected to your own energy. If you can, get out into nature to do some recharging, when you’re only able to hear nature. Once you’ve recharged, then you can join the rest of the world and begin sharing and connecting with others again.


Surround Yourself with Protective Energy

This week is all about getting clear on your direction. Having a focal point. The energy you need is that which will keep you centered and away from the thoughts that will have you taking on others pespectives. Like when you have a new goal or a project and you tell everyone and have those well-meaning people tell you it’s not worth it, or it won’t work, or be careful. They may want what’s best for you, but what’s actually best for you is to protect your energy, protect your excitement and joy and belief and move forward with your path. When you have a clear focus, and a clear goal, you can head straight for it without letting others thoughts and opinions derail you.

Keep yourself in your own golden bubble, safe from any negative thoughts that may take you off course.


See from a Higher Perspective

This card keeps coming up for us, doesn’t it? So I’m going to ask you a series of questions to get to the bottom of this card. Where in your life are you still holding on to the little details? Where can you step back further? What opportunities have you seen recently, can they be of service to you? Where do you need a new beginning? Where do you need to go deeper into your spiritual journey? Where and how can you get creative to find solutions or receive guidance? Who else is involved, can you see this situation from their perspective? How can you do all things from a place of love?

When a card comes up continually there is a reason. It usually means that there is more to the message. Don’t be afraid to dream BIG. Fly through the clouds of doubt, and find the clartiy. Be coragous as the Eagle is.  

These cards are from the Angels and Ancestors deck by Kyle Gray.

The Violet Flame

The Making of: The Violet Flame Card #12

I want to tell you the story of how I create each of my cards. Think of this as my Guidebook to my personal deck of cards. As I create new ones, I’ll share more stories. You’ve got at least 22 weeks of stories coming your way, one each week. The majority of my cards are created in Inktense pencils on watercolor paper and these are their creation stories. 

The Violet Flame    


If you’ve been feeling negative, if you’ve been in a bad mood, it’s time to heal. Get quite, visualize the Violet Flame flowing all around your body. You’re surrounded in violet, in high vibes, in good energy, in healing energy. It’s time to transmute negative emotions. Embrace them, get to know them, learn from them, but don’t hold on to them. Let the negativity flow right out of you letting it be replaced by Violet. 

The Inspiration and Meaning of this Card

I was at a holistic expo and had an aura photo done. It’s a unique experience. You place your hand on this little device that reads your energy. In the end, you get a picture of the different colors that appear in your aura. I’m a yellow-green aura, at least on that day. The interesting part of this reading though was that my crown chakra was violet. The woman doing the reading said that while most people have white up there, it’s the healers who have purple. She told me of the Violet flame and it’s connection to St. Germain. The Violet Flame is here for us to use to heal ourselves through transmutation. Say you’re in a bad mood, you can visualize the energy of the violet flame surrounding you, burning away the negative energy. You’ve just transmuted your bad mood into a good one, or at least into a calm on. 
I created this card to remind me of that flame, of that energy, and of that gift that we can access when needed. 

If you want to continue to hear the stories of my own deck of cards, join the VIP list and I’ll let you know each week when a new story is released. You’ll also be the first to know of new programs and wicked deals. 

Medicine Mother and White Witch

I am the Medicine Mother and the White Witch

I pulled a larger spread for myself a couple of days ago and the first two cards really stood out.

‘What is my purpose or calling in regards to my partnership with USANA?’ 

Medicine Mother.

A woman who has seen the lowest of lows. Who has felt the desire to just give up. A woman who has lost all of her hope, who hasn’t been able to see the light. A woman who having been through all of that, has still found her way out. She has learned to be friends with the darkness, to get to know it. She has learned how to take the next step, she has gained wisdom, courage, and her own powerful light. Now, she is ready to share that with others. To show others the way out that she found the hard way. To be there to mother others along the path, supporting them, teaching them, and watching them grow into their own wise and powerful selves. I am embodying this medicine mother. I’ve been there, I am her. 

‘How can I bring my calling into my USANA business?’ 

White Witch.  

She is the maiden, the innocent. She sees the world as whole and beautiful and wants nothing but the best for everyone. While she is just getting started, she knows to her elders, those who have been on the path longer, and then forge her own path as she is called to do. She may have much wisdom to gain, but she is connected to the elements, she knows how to communicate with Spirit and uses that to help create her path and make her decision. She watches for the signs, symbols and taking them into consideration does her work. 

This calling that I have joins with my USANA partnership by coming from a place of wanting the best for people. Of wanting the best for the Earth and the Earth needs healthy, whole, connected, creative beings. When I follow what lights me up, when I listen to Mother Earth, to my guides, to my Angels, I find the path. It’s through connecting with Spirit, then connecting to you, the person I wish to help, that I am able to use my calling in my partnership. I listen to those who have been on the entrepreneurial journey longer than me, but I still follow what feels aligned, what my soul is calling for. 

What this means is that I want what’s best for you. If it turns out that isn’t my go-to supplements, that’s ok. I will still be here, holding space for you. Lighting up the path and showing you the way to connect within yourself and the world around you. I will still be here having faith that you will be ok, and that the Earth will be too. 

Cards are from the Angels and Ancestors deck by Kyle Gray.

Soul Temple Card #11

The Making of : The Soul Temple – Card #11

I want to tell you the story of how I create each of my cards. Think of this as my Guidebook to my personal deck of cards. As I create new ones, I’ll share more stories. You’ve got at least 22 weeks of stories coming your way, one each week. The majority of my cards are created in Inktense pencils on watercolor paper and these are their creation stories. 

The Temple of My Soul

Sacred Inner Wisdom

Go inward. Your soul knows. Your soul knows what you need, what you desire, the answers to your questions. You just need to journey into your inner temple and discover what’s there. Be still, close your eyes, focus on your breath, and you’ll find this temple tucked away in the jungle. 

The Inspiration and Meaning of this Card

I’m in a group called Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell, I’m also part of her Soul Blueprint course. I’ve also read her books and own her card deck. You could say I resonate with her work! One of the meditations in the group and course led us to our soul temples. Visualizing each detail, what it looked like, where it was, who was inside. This is what I pictured. A rose quartz pyramid, among 

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