Constricted Desires: The description and how I create digital artworks

This was a hard one to paint. I loved it and how it came out and painting brings so much joy, but every time I came back to it, every time I shared a work in progress shot, I was transported right back, to a time when this was created, to that feeling of speaking my desires. Let me take you through my process. First, I …

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Horses in Dreams

This came to me in a dream. I was surrounded by 3 horses while trying to read the cards. I had to keep pushing them away, and while I love horses, I was getting a little panicked. After starting to paint this, the following came through my channel. -> “These horses in my dreams. What do they mean? You’re fighting for your life. For your dreams. …

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Inscribed Spell

It started with a dream, as most ideas and messages seem to do. I don’t remember the plan or the meaning behind the plan, but I figured out the plan enacted by a village leader, and I spoke up, called her out, told her that I knew, that everyone would know. She was angry and she put a spell on me, in both her rage and …

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Creativity Coursing Through My Veins

Connected to the UniverseThe electric feeling in the airEyes see the energy, but the third eye feels itLike waves crashing downThunder clouds rolling inBuzzing and churning in anticipationAll down the spineWaves of energy hitting like bolts of lightningFingers reaching to the skyHearing and feeling the messages She offersCreativity courses through veinsNothing can stop the currentOne with the Universe 

The Winged Feet of Mercury

I originally saw this image during meditation during a coaching session. The image stuck with me and I tried to create it on paper, but never quite got there. With digital media though, it came together quickly! Order your own copy to welcome the energy of Mercury into your space. -> Order a Print.

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