For the ones who say "Wow, you have so much talent! I've got no talent, I could never do that."

For The Ones Who Say “Wow, you have so much talent! I’ve got no talent, I could never do that.”

The thing that breaks my heart most at live art fairs is when you walk by, look at my work for just a moment, say “Wow, you have so much talent! I’ve got no talent, I could never do that.” – and then walk away.

It saddens me that you pair admiration for my work with the degradation of your own perceived lack of artistic talent.

Let me break it down into two parts to explain why.

“Wow, You have so much talent!”

Thank you! Such comments are always appreciated, and perhaps I need to get better at truly accepting those compliments.

That talent has come from creating things for my entire life. It comes from taking lessons, going to classes, watching tutorials, drawing things over and over again, trying new mediums, having total flops and wonderful successes. Creating been my form of therapy, so it’s taken quite a bit of blood, sweat, and tears over the years.

My talent a product of my time. Art has been something of value to me for my entire life, so I’ve put in the effort. If I had never been interested in drawing, the work that I do wouldn’t look the same. If I had stuck with acrylic painting, my work wouldn’t look the same. Without getting a little uncomfortable, trying something new, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

The point here is that the talent comes the work, it’s work that I absolutely love to do. But I’ve put in the time and the effort to get to where I am now.

I know that many of you would argue that some are more of a natural talent in this than others. I would agree, to an extent. There is a truth in that. Just like some people are more gifted at writing, or public speaking, or cooking than others. But if you don’t truly enjoy it and nurture that talent, than it really doesn’t take you anywhere.

It all just comes down to the time you put into your craft, whatever it may be.

The second part:

“I’ve got no talent, I could never do that.”

Don’t throw yourself under the bus! You do have talents, perhaps many that I don’t currently possess. If you don’t draw like me, it’s because you aren’t me, you are your own unique person. It also means that you’ve never spent the time on learning to draw. Totally fine, I bet you’ve spent your time doing other things that bring you joy. Just like I’ve never spent the time learning how to ski, or make jam, or sew Halloween costumes. I haven’t found the value in spending the time learning how to do it. But if one day I change my mind, I’d make the time to dedicate myself to learning something new.

The world needs a variety of talents in this world to exist. If every single person on Earth was only talented at drawing landscapes, we would be in trouble! We need talented scientists, public speakers, mathematicians, and so many others too for us to survive and thrive.

It makes me so sad to hear when you say this because it seems that you spend 3 seconds to appreciate the art, and then a minute to wish you could do it too, and look down on yourself for not being able to. It’s the tone that you use when you say it. I can hear the longing, and that little bit of ‘I’m not good at anything’ in your voice. Don’t forget, when you say something like this, you’re comparing my middle of the artistic journey, to your own haven’t-even-started-yet artistic journey.

Then you simply walk away.

It’s honestly a bit of an emotional roller-coaster for me. I’ll own the fact that I need to work on not letting it get to me as much as it does. For two seconds I’m so happy that you like my work, I want to ask you questions, want to ask you which one you like best, and tell you stories of where I got the inspiration from. Then the second half comes and I’m left in a disheartened state, but I smile and say ‘oh it just takes practice’ while you’re walking away nodding and completely doubting my sentiments.

Please don’t do this. Just because you don’t draw the same way that I do, or don’t write the same way your favorite author does, doesn’t mean you have no talent. Don’t put yourself down, let the art you see at a show bring you joy, not disappointment in yourself.

It discredits the amount of work I and all of the other creators here have put into this, and it takes away all of the efforts you’ve put into the things you love.

So the next time you see art, or some other creative work that you love, tell the creator, “wow I love your work, you have so much talent.” Period. Ask them how long they’ve been doing this, ask them about their work, and what they love most about it.

Remind yourself of all of your talents, of your accomplishments and that you are no less than a perfectly divine human being and that each one of us has a variety of amazing talents.

Message from Archangel Raziel, the Divine Magician

This is magic. This is real. You can feel it every day. There is not a movie out there that can show you what it really feels like. Don't believe what you see in the media. Magic isn't dressing up or changing how you show up, it's in your bones, it's in your soul. It's how you connect with the world all around you. Feel it. Breathe it. Rise up higher. Know that this is what magic is. Feel the changes. Feel the ecstasy, the joy. Keep breathing, stay still and trust. Don't break the connection to us, just keep floating higher and higher, until you see me in the clouds. I am here just for you. 

I am here for all people who call on me the divine magician. I am here to remind you of your ability to connect with all of the elements. You have the power to affect all of the elements. You have a powerful being. 

Just like all things on earth, you can make changes to the elements. You can drink the water, burn the paper, write with wood and burnt wood, you can work with spirit. You can effect change and use all of these elements. You are magic.

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This Is Our Time Of Rising

We have been told so many lies over lifetimes. 

We aren’t creative
We must be quiet
We can’t make decisions
We must do the responsible thing
We must save our money
We must work for an hourly wage
Everything is hard
Nothing comes easy
We can’t do this thing or that thing

So many lies. It’s infatuating.

It sets my soul on flames. It is time for this to end.Time for us to embrace our sisters and rise up. We are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. 

It’s time to channel this rage into something productive. Channel it into your creative pursuits. There is so much rage. So much anger. So much feeling tethered to a life that doesn’t fit our souls. We must learn to work with this energy to create something larger than ourselves. Something that will keep us going. 

I don’t know if any of us are meant to be here. For generations, we have been killing off Mother Earths’ resources for our own personal gain. Do we really deserve to live here? 

We need to be better
We need to do better
It’s our time of rising
When we rise, mother earth rises

Freedom is found on the wings of surrender. 

Let this fire fuel us. Let it enrage us. Let it sit with us. It’s time for fire. It’s time for rage. For anger. It’s time to feel it all. When we do that we rise. Use the anger for something good. It doesn’t have to be a solution. Each person needs to find their own solution. 

I don’t want you to find me a solution. I don’t want you to do anything for me. I want you to find the solution for yourself. I want you to feel the rage and the anger until it burns all away. Until it burns away all of the impurities of despair. I want you to fuel the fire with the memories of lifetimes past. I want it to hit you all at once and then I want you to rise as the Phoenix rises from the ashes. I want you to rise into the beauty that you are, that you have always been, that you will always be. 

You aren’t crazy. You aren’t wrong. You aren’t too much of anything. You are a beautiful storm that needs to hit full force before you find a solution for yourself. 

This is your time of rising. 

Alive by Fire

Like the twig that gets incinerated by the flame,
so too does all of my anxiety and pain. 

The fire burns away everything that does
not serve my highest good.

Leaving behind not charcoal,
but embers that stir my soul. 

I am alive by fire. 

You’re Never Back at the Beginning

When you feel like you’re where you started, I assure you, you’re not. When a situation reappears, you can’t possibly be starting over because you’ve already been through it. You’ve grown, learned lessons and become wiser in the situation. 

Don’t be fooled though. Just because you think you’ve worked through the situation enough, doesn’t mean it will never come back again. 

Think of your situation like an endless spiral staircase. With each step, you get higher and higher. You will face the same direction many times on your way up, but each time you will be higher, you’ll be at another level. 

When the same situation comes back to you, you’ve changed levels. This time around you know what happened last time, you know the previous outcome, the tools that helped you most, the things that hindered your progress, you know what avoidance looks like and what it feels like to near a solution. Time has taught you that you will make it through, that you are strong, that you are supported, that you are loved, even if it doesn’t feel like it in the moment. 

You’re never starting from scratch because you’re always one level higher. 

Magical Connection Between Movies and Real-Life: Magic is real

Harry Potter and many of our other favorite magical shows, movies, and books, are based on real life. Of course, they are fantasized and include tons of legends, but they also include much truth. 

I was listening to a masterclass from one of my favorite spiritual teachers and it hit me! I was sitting in a divination class at Hogwarts. Not really, but you get the idea. There I was, listening to a woman talk about the history and use of divination. 

Since then I can’t watch a show with magic in it without seeing the real-life connections. And I love them all the more for it. 

Over the last few years, and especially this year, I’ve been moving towards the real-life magic. Connecting with Spirit, manifesting, Angels, crystals, etc.

I don’t want to sit around wishing those worlds were real, because there is magic present in our world already. I practice divination, I manifest things I desire, I pull cards, make potions with essential oils and herbs, notice patterns, spirit animals and symbols, journey with guided meditation, and see messages in my dreams. I may not be able to make a feather float on command, control someone with a look or fly my car, but I do believe in regular everyday magic. Because it’s all around us. We can speak with the dead, call on the angels, ask for signs, use oils and herbs to heal various things and that is only scratching the surface. Chances are you practice some of these things without even realizing it or without making the connections.  

These stories didn’t come from thin air. They were inspired by real-life and then fantasized. (unless you are able to make a feather float on command or breathe underwater – by all means prove me wrong here)

I used to dream these worlds were real until I realized they were here all along. 

Have you made that connection? What movie/show/book helped you make that connection?

Invite the Discomfort in, Don’t Rush it Out

We are impatience. We like to rush all things. When I say ‘we’, I am definitely including myself here. 

We like to enjoy the happy, fulfilling experiences of step 20, when we haven’t even gotten through step 1. 

Emotions can’t be rushed. If we rush we just end up fighting the process. When you’re happy, be happy, be fully present with your happiness. When you’re sad/angry/depressed – be there. Don’t try to rush out of it. Sit with it. Explore it. Ask it questions. Reach out for help if you need to from a friend, counselor or another support person. But don’t lean on them as a way to avoid it.

When you rush the process, when you ignore it, avoid it, try to get over it, just get through it fast, you miss the lessons and wisdom it has to offer. Learn to love the in-between. The space where you remember the past when you were happy, and the space you want to be. Feel all of the emotions. Be fully present. 

You will get out of that space. Like the Earth, we have seasons. Some seasons hold creativity and rebirth like Spring, l and some offer dark hibernation and rest like Winter. If you’re in Winter right now, it’s ok. Just like the snow, we can’t get through it faster, we can avoid it, we can plow it aside and pretend it isn’t there, or we can just acknowledge it, invite it into our lives and maybe find bits of light in. 

When you’re in your winter, retreat, spend time by yourself, write, do yoga, scream, do whatever you must do to allow the emptiness in. To allow it to take you to rock bottom. To allow it the space it needs to unravel and release. 

You will feel alone, you will feel like the world is crumbling around you. In the rubble of the life you had, you will rise again in spring, a whole new woman. 

You can’t rise before you fall, and you can’t rush the process to get there. Avoiding pain only causes more pain. Stepping into the pain, though, that is where the magic can begin to take form. When you allow it in and get to know it, it releases it’s hold on you. That is when the peace begins seeping in again. 

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