August 5th Angel Card Reader

High Priestess

You are powerful. You are magical. You are able to create what you desire. You are the magician. This week is all about rising into your power. Truly embracing your power to create and manifest. Get close with your intuition, with your Angels and guides, and create.

The black cat she’s with represents the Goddess Bast. She is here to help guide you and protect you on your mission this week.

Star Ancestor

What does your soul need right now? What is it calling for? A star ancestor is dedicated to healing the world. You were born to be a star, a healer, in this world. Follow what your soul needs, follow what lights you up. Then you’ll find your path and help others light up along the way. When you’re following what lights you up, and sharing it, you’re healing the world. You don’t need to share it with the masses, but share it with someone.

Have you ever learned something and felt like you already knew it? It’s because you already did know it, you’re just remembering it from another lifetime. Take note of these things because they may be part of your healing journey.

White Witch

You are connected to all of the elements, earth, air, fire, water, spirt. You are a being of Mother Nature. The maiden on this card represents you looking at things, especially nature, with childlike innocence and purity. Explore as if it’s the first time you’re seeing it.

The horned owl represents the wise one. Remember that you’ve gained wisdom along the way, remember that there are wise ones in your life. While you can look with innocence, don’t forget to remember what the wise ones, including yourself, have taught you.

Which card did you choose today?

July 29th Angel Card Reading


What’s been showing up in your life in the last few days? Be on the lookout for things that continue to show up. They hold messages for you. 

There are no coincides, so should you find yourself saying something like “wow what a coincidence!” – take a moment to think about it. What would have happened if you hadn’t found yourself in that situation? There may be a message in there that you needed and it came at the perfect time!

Thank you Angels, I trust your well-times guidance and signs. 

Loved On In Heaven

Have you thought of a loved one recently? Has something come up that reminded you of them? Maybe an activity they loved, or an image you had forgot you had. Know that they are supporting you along the way. 

Visualize them in your mind, and just have a conversation with them. Tell them about your day, ask a question or anything else you feel called to do. 

Thank you loved ones in Heaven for drawing close at this time.

The Divine Physician

Where did you need healing in your life right now? Physical or emotional? When we are on the spiritual path we spend a lot of time meditating, desiring a deeper connection to Spiriting, traveling to the 5th dimension for the Akashic records, etc, but we must remember that we are here in physical bodies on earth. In order to live our lives, we must care for our physical bodies first, then our minds and spirits. 

Visualize green light surrounding you. Ask for that healing. 

Thank you Raphael for shining your divine light upon my healthy body.

Which card called to you this week?

July 8, 2019 – Angel Card Reading

This week a couple of cards came up again, so if you chose that one before, dig deeper into why you are receiving this message again.

I pulled cards that help us reach our goals and happiness. These messages will mean something different to each one of you based on your goals and your definition of happiness.


This card is about trading your energy for abundance. This may not mean working for someone giving away your time or services. Today, I feel that this card is more about changing your own energy. Exchanging the anxiety for ease, the fear for flow, etc. If there is stagnant energy that you just feel is not serving your right now, trade that for energy that feels so good. 

You can exchange your energy through yoga, prayer, running, etc. Also exchanging the sugar for veggies will make you feel vibrant! 

The abundance comes in when you change your attitude, your energy. When you’re in alignment with the energy your desire, other things you desire will start appearing.

Ask yourself what energy you can let go of to feel great, not what abundance will make you feel better.

Animal Guardian

I love the imagery on this card. All of these animals have come to me in dreams or meditations. Animals are the Angels of nature. They each have lessons to teach us. This week in order to work for your goals and your happiness, you need to trust your instincts. Animals don’t question the signs or their worth or if they should go left or right, they just act on their instincts.

Trust the gut reactions, the signs that appear, the cards you pull, the things that don’t work out. What thought goes through your head first? Trust that. Act on that.

Notice the animals that come to you this week, in dreams or in your yard, posters, ads, tv shows, etc. You can look up the meanings of those animals online or in books. This is my favorite one: Animal Spirit Guides.

Here are what the animals on this card mean:

Owl – inner wisdom that you need to listen to
Deer – Trust your instincts, be gentle with yourself, find a nurturing space (where you can explore this intuition)
Raven – magic, dreams of prophecy, shape-shifting confidence. 
Panther – passion, spiritual growth, face your fears, and surrender. 

Great Teacher

What spiritual experiences have you had recently? What hardships have you had recently? Have you had a reading of some kind, gone to a retreat, read a new book, or experienced something in your life that opened your mind more? 

These experiences are your teachers. Learn from this experience. This card is here to remind you that once you learn, you need to implement out in the world. These are the experiences that create life, that create freedom, that create peace and clarity.

If your teacher is a person that you’ve been learning from, or a book, etc. then you take in the teachings that resonate, but be able to release. It’s not the teacher, it’s the teaching. Follow what you learn, but don’t become attached to the teacher. 

Which card resonated with you the most? What will you focus on this week?

Angel Card Reading for the Week of June 17th 2019

I’m trying something a little different this week after receiving this inspiration from my morning meditation Monday.

The sets of cards will reveal a thing or situation you need to release. It could be a money block, a relationship, a job, or energy you are currently holding onto, etc. The top card is the situation, and the lower card how to transmute and release that situation.

If you want go dig deeper, I have spaces open for private readings this week, go here to see my availability: https://calendly.com/ashleyjking/angel-card-reading


Right now you’re awaiting important info. Or you should be. Are you impatient or taking all of the actions before doing your research/soul searching? If you’re taking action before you have all of the info your soul needs you to know, you may be falling into a repeat pattern.

With the Elder card here as the way to work through this situation, I want to know, how often do you leap without looking? Sometimes that’s a good thing, no arguments there, but if you see a pattern involving leaping and failing or leaping and hating the outcome. Take time to recognize this pattern, see what you do each time, notice the things that happen. In the past when you’ve made a decision before having all of the info what happened? Did you fail? Make more work for yourself? Feel bad? Wish you hadn’t made that choice? Those choices are your lessons, learn from them and this time, wait, observe, and then act from a place of wisdom as an Elder would.

Your Mission this week: Wait, be patient, gather info from the Universe and your soul, then act.

Arrow + Water Guardian

This card is about knowing your true north, your focus, and staying steady. But right now you need to release the ideas or fears that you don’t have what you need to be protected. It’s time to let go of the idea that you need all of the things in order to be safe. You’ve been doing all the things trying to be ‘safe’ – be it financially, emotionally, physically, – maybe even protecting those around you. 

With the Water Guardian, you are able to release those fears and blocks, by simply feeling the feels. Let your emotions in. You have everything you need in order to be safe within you. You have your thoughts, your intentions, and prayers. You have the ability to say ‘no’, to call on your Angels, to speak your desires, to share your beliefs – you are all you need. Let the emotions in and explore what it is you actually need to feel safe. Prayer, affirmation, talking to a partner or friend, journaling, etc. 

Your Mission this week: Stand in your power, know that all you need is yourself to be safe and protected, feel the feels and let those emotions flow.

Mountains + Sage

I’m a Taurus, so being stubborn is a little bit in my nature [read: very stubborn]. What is it that you’ve been standing your ground in too much? It’s one thing to have a set of values and stay true to them, it’s another to not move just because you don’t want to admit you were wrong, or that you need help. 

Sage card comes in to help you release by getting grounded, getting connected to your values. Do you want to be right, or do you want to follow your beliefs? Do you want to be right, or do you want to be loved? Do you want to hoard resources, or do you want to work with your resources? Be committed to your true north. When you remain true to that, everything else will fall away. You’ll be able to acknowledge when you’re wrong, when you need help or when you need to adjust your methods.

Your Mission this Week: Assess if you’ve been standing your ground for your beliefs, or just out of stubbornness, get grounded in your beliefs and let everything else fall away.

Which set of cards calls to you this week? Share in the comments, or join the Facebook group to continue the conversation!

Peace is our Power; It’s Why We’re Here

Imagine this:

You wake up and feel so happy to be alive.

You know that everyone you see will be just as happy.

A world where we give freely to our communities.

Where we drop our guard without fear of what will happen to us.

Where we think ‘how can I help my neighbor today?”

A time when we can turn on the news and the worst thing happening is rain coming in tomorrow.

This is what the Angels and the Universe wants for us. Peace. Community. Love. Grace.

I started reading The Angel Therapy Handbook by Doreen Virtue recently and on page 4 it says this:

 “The angels have a purpose to enact God’s will. Which is peace upon earth, one person at a
time. These beings know that if each of us is peaceful, then we’ll have a world  of peaceful people.”

I read that quote a few times and highlighted it because it just felt so right. I’ve always felt like there was something that was off in the world. Some big picture that we were all completely missing. We were not meant to be always fighting each other or keeping people out of our lands, or arguing over things small and large or tearing people down on the internet. It just has never felt right, I’ve always wondered how this strange message came to be and I’m sure I’m not alone in that regard. When I read that quote, a peace came over me. It was like, well, of course, we are meant for peace, why wouldn’t we be? We are meant to be peaceful, to work together and help others. We are meant to co-create with our angels and with Mother Earth. We are here for a higher purpose than to fight over what is ‘ours’.

Go back and read that quote again. What is the first thought that comes up? For me what comes up is that we all must be responsible, and we must wake more people up to their connection to the divine. A peaceful world begins with each of us learning to cultivate that connection and peace within ourselves.

This doesn’t mean we just stop talking and walk away from the issues in the present moment. Quite the contrariety. It means that we must get quite within ourselves and ask our angels, “What Do I need to know right now?” “what do I need to do to help create peace?”. Just sit and listen. they will send you a message. and if you can’t hear it while meditating, ask for a clear sign. “Dear Angels, Thank you for showing me a crystal clear sign of what I need to do to create peace.” Be vigilant and your sign will appear.

Then act on it. Take inspired action. don’t let the idea just go because of fear. listen to your angels. This post today is one of my messages. It is the start of voicing my opinions even if some don’t approve or some try to sway me in a different direction.

I know this to be true right now – so I am taking action.

We can each do our part.

We each do what we must to create peace within ourselves. Sometimes that means ruffling a few feathers. Sometimes that means standing up for someone. Sometimes that means doing what you know to be right, even if it’s not the popular opinion.

Your angels will guide you in the right direction.

These are not changes that can happen overnight. You and I both know that there is a lot of upset in the world right now, too much for things to change that quickly. Change is on its way though, its happening all around us and within us. Change starts with you. After all, Gandhi said, “be the change you wish to see in the world”. Change and peace start with one. When people begin to see the changes you are making to yourself, they have the opportunity to rise up and make those changes for themselves. By making changes in your own life, you are giving them permission to do the same. It starts to spread and before you know it, a movement is born. A movement towards a better world, a better place for us and for our kids and generations to come. When we call on our Angels, when we listen to their messages, we create peace in ourselves.

When we create peace, we can spread peace.

I ask that if any of this spoke to you, please pass the message along.

It starts with you.

My 4 Step Nightly routine

My 4 step Nightly Routine

With two kids in the house, my spiritual routine is generally my nightly routine. (I’m working on a morning routine)

What do you do before bed? Do you just fall into bed after you’ve dozed off on the couch or do you meditate and use angel cards? What you do before bed or as soon as you get up makes all the difference in your life!

Nightly routine includes:

  1. Meditate
  2. Draw cards
  3. Journal
  4. Visualize while laying in bed, and say a little prayer


Every night I sit on my cushion to meditate. I enjoy a few different guided meditations or sometimes I’ll use a kundalini meditation, Sa Ta Na Ma.

Draw my Daily Angel Cards

I enjoy drawing cards each day. It’s my way to connect with my angels and to my inner self.


Once I’ve drawn my cards, I begin to journal. I start with the cards I received and what those cards mean. Then move on to other things that come up that I need to work through. I enjoy this time because I can include so many insights.

Visualize and say a little prayer

I’ve done the previous 3, brushed my teeth, turned my phone off, gotten under the covers. Now it’s time for the last steps. I visualize a white light shining out the top of my head. While this white light is glowing, I say a little prayer something along these lines:

Dear Universe and Angels, Please let me remember my dreams. Please let me recieve any messages that I need right now. Thankyou.

This routine helps me to fall asleep much easier. Also note, that I said I turned my phone off! This is a recent change and I think it helps so much. Especially in the mornings. I am less tempted to wake up to see what time it is on my phone and just go right on to checking emails before my feet have touched the floor. Now I don’t worry about my phone until after we have all gotten up and gotten breakfast.

All four steps don’t happen every night, but when it’s been a few days I can tell because I feel unsettled and disconnected. When I feel that, I know that it’s time to go to my office, sit down and meditate. It always makes me feel better.

What does your nightly routine include? Join the conversation below.

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