Group Intro to Angels

Since I've learned more about Angels, I love to share the message with others. Angels have helped me in my life so much, and I want others to experience that magic. It's not something that I can keep to myself!

I believe that we are all intuitive and all possess the ability to connect with our Angels. Sometimes we just need a little guidance on how to access that again. Using Angel Cards and connecting with the Universe has helped me open up that connection and I want to help others do that too. This is why I've created this program.

This is for you. To show you that everyone can empower themselves by working with Angels and connecting with the Universe.

If you have a Facebook Group and are interested in Angels, I'm excited to share that I am offering complimentary 15-minute lessons for your group! We'll dive into what Angels are and how you too can connect with them.

I'm looking for groups that are active and ready to ask questions, women who are ready to go deeper into their personal development and who aren't afraid of learning something new! If this sounds like your sacred space in the world of Facebook, let's chat!

The Intro Includes

You choose the time, and I'll go live on your group page and give your audience an intro to Angels!

  • What are Angels?
  • How do I connect with Angels?
  • What do I do next?
  • I'll pull a one-card reading for your group on camera and then post the image in the comments after the video.

I'll be happy to answer questions about Angels that your audience has.

At the end of the call, I'll share how they can find me and the Angel Card Reading service that I offer for anyone who desires to go deeper into their connection with Angels.

Ready to introduce your group to Angels?

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