My Top Three Healthy Road Trip Tips

Pack Lunch and Snacks

A couple of divided stainless steel containers were perfect for packing the kids’ lunches for our road trip. I also made a bag of granola bars. Homemade food always tastes much better and these don’t disappoint! Packing our lunches saves time and is much healthier than stopping for fast food.


While this is usually for doing a  5-day reset, I thought it would be great for a road trip. It comes with portioned pouches of Nutrimeal, AM and PM supplements and packets of probiotics. All things that I need for a great road trip! I love Nutrimeal in place of fast food.


All-natural energy and at only 10 calories, it’s perfect for an on the go lifestyle! There is no crash, which means you stay awake while driving and by the time you get to your destination, you aren’t completely exhausted.

What road trip tips do you have?

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PS. Do these drinks and supplements sound good? Contact me to chat more USANA and how you can live a healthy lifestyle! Plus I can help you save more money on these products, and I know that extra cash in your pocket is great for road trips!

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