I am the Medicine Mother and the White Witch

Medicine Mother and White Witch

I pulled a larger spread for myself a couple of days ago and the first two cards really stood out.

‘What is my purpose or calling in regards to my partnership with USANA?’ 

Medicine Mother.

A woman who has seen the lowest of lows. Who has felt the desire to just give up. A woman who has lost all of her hope, who hasn’t been able to see the light. A woman who having been through all of that, has still found her way out. She has learned to be friends with the darkness, to get to know it. She has learned how to take the next step, she has gained wisdom, courage, and her own powerful light. Now, she is ready to share that with others. To show others the way out that she found the hard way. To be there to mother others along the path, supporting them, teaching them, and watching them grow into their own wise and powerful selves. I am embodying this medicine mother. I’ve been there, I am her. 

‘How can I bring my calling into my USANA business?’ 

White Witch.  

She is the maiden, the innocent. She sees the world as whole and beautiful and wants nothing but the best for everyone. While she is just getting started, she knows to her elders, those who have been on the path longer, and then forge her own path as she is called to do. She may have much wisdom to gain, but she is connected to the elements, she knows how to communicate with Spirit and uses that to help create her path and make her decision. She watches for the signs, symbols and taking them into consideration does her work. 

This calling that I have joins with my USANA partnership by coming from a place of wanting the best for people. Of wanting the best for the Earth and the Earth needs healthy, whole, connected, creative beings. When I follow what lights me up, when I listen to Mother Earth, to my guides, to my Angels, I find the path. It’s through connecting with Spirit, then connecting to you, the person I wish to help, that I am able to use my calling in my partnership. I listen to those who have been on the entrepreneurial journey longer than me, but I still follow what feels aligned, what my soul is calling for. 

What this means is that I want what’s best for you. If it turns out that isn’t my go-to supplements, that’s ok. I will still be here, holding space for you. Lighting up the path and showing you the way to connect within yourself and the world around you. I will still be here having faith that you will be ok, and that the Earth will be too. 

Cards are from the Angels and Ancestors deck by Kyle Gray.

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