July 1, 2019 – Angel Card Reading

Today we’re talking about what we’ve learned in the last 6 months that we will carry with us over the next 6 months. I’m slowly moving towards flowing with the seasons than I am with the calendar dates, but I can’t help but love to think about the mid-point of the year! We’ve probably all grown up with the idea of Near Year’s resolutions, so chances are we are half way to when we want to accomplish our goals.

When I pulled today’s cards, I wanted you to each grow from them both what you have learned and how to keep it up. Get clear on how you learned your lessons, what you did differently once you did and what you plan on doing in order to keep up with them. When you do, you’ll find the goals, the abundance, the happiness, the peace, or whatever else you’ve been working towards.

Deep Replenishment

Retreat, rest, be held. This year you’ve learned the importance of resting and taking care of yourself first. Most importantly, your soul. Not just your physical body. If you’ve had a year like mine, you’ve learned the hard way! When I don’t start my day with something I love, stress, anger and overwhelm take over. It’s important to schedule in breaks, to get some extra sleep, to take a nap, have a fun day off, start the day with something your soul is passionate about. These are all things that I’ve learned this year (I selected this card this week too) and it’s an important lesson to remember for the rest of the year and into the future. 

If this is your card, make a list of things you’ve done this year that has taught you to rest – the times you got sick from stress, or burnt out on your job, or spent the weekend doing nothing because you had done too much during the week, etc. Then write a list of all the things you did to rest. The naps, the yoga, the journaling, the late start to the day, the early bedtime, the long lunch break to go for a walk or read a fun book. What did you learn? How did you grow from these lessons? Schedule these things into your planner every week!

Take a Break

Get off the treadmill. This card a little different than the first, but they are very similar. In this card, we are asked to stop racing from thing to thing to thing like it will come to an end if we finish everything. As if there was a final destination so that you could then live your joy. This year you’ve learned the importance of the phrase ‘life’s a journey, not a destination’. You will never complete your journey until this lifetime ends. So embrace each moment, take time to enjoy the little things. 

If this was your card this week, notice where you’ve stopped pushing to finish all of the things. How does it feel to get off the hamster wheel and simply enjoy life? You may have stopped doing tons of overtime, or taken a vacation, or made the decision to make your business simple (ie just talking about an offering instead of doing all of the landing pages, freebies, curated posts, and marketing campaigns) or scheduled time to be by yourself in nature. How can you continue to take regular breaks in your life and work? Set intentions for how you want to feel when you take a break.


Deep healing. This year has been one of healing for you, you’ve really learned how to step into your power. This may be in your emotional growth, changing careers to one that’s better suited to you, or one of physical health. You’ve spent the time it takes to get to know the real you and own the good and the bad, the choices you’ve made and the desires you hold. 

If this was your card, write about all the ways you’ve transformed this year. Write about the fears you’ve let go, the new direction you’re going in and the new friends you’ve made or the friends you’ve let go. How does each of these transformations feel to your body and soul? What blocks have you had to work through? Those blocks or new ones will probably reappear on your journey, so have a plan to work through them. To carry this through the rest of the year, make choices from your intuition. Promise yourself you’ll follow that guidance and work through whatever comes up as it does and that you will celebrate each new transformation!

Which card speaks to you? Let me know in the comments what you’ve learned this year and what you’ll carry forward.

Cards are from Rebecca Campbell’s Work Your Light Oracle Deck.

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