Birthing a New Age

You have a picture of what your life could be like, maybe even what the world could be like. This is your time to get to work. Know that it’s all possible. 

This is your week to take action. Begin with one step towards that dream. All of the ideas, feelings, everything that is rising in you right now is ready to come out. It doesn’t matter if you’re ready, begin now anyway. Take one step and go from there. 

You were born here, in this time, for this purpose. To let your wild ideas flow and help birth a new age into being. 


There have been things coming up in your life you thought you had already worked through, but here they are again.

Remember life is cyclic, things will come back, but it won’t be like starting over because you’ll have grown from the previous time. Think of it as a spiral staircase. You find yourself facing north several times on your way up, but with every step, you’re higher than you were before. With every level higher, you’re letting go, releasing, unbinding old stories, old patterns, old habits, and beliefs. 

What’s coming up can be from this lifetime or past lives. Regardless, things come back around, and this lifetime is the one for you to let go. This is your week to name what’s coming up, work through it and then let go of all the old junk that isn’t serving your highest good anymore. It’s safe for you to let go. 

Don’t Dim to Fit In

What have you been holding back? Is there a title you haven’t claimed publicly, or a belief you’ve kept to yourself? What about excitement? Have you kept that to yourself because people around you weren’t excited? Many times I find myself dimming down my excitement or passion when I’m around someone who is tired, upset, or doesn’t care about the same things, but don’t let that dim you, keep on shining.

Don’t think about what those around you are doing. Shine your light as brightly as you wish. Don’t hold anything back. Don’t try to fit in. Be weird, be loud, be the human that only you can be. Embrace the weirdness. 

When you shine brightly, others will take notice, they will want to join you on your path. And if they don’t like the new you, and don’t want to come along on the journey, that’s on them. You carry on with your bright, beautiful self. 

What card did you select this week? How will you use the message this week?

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