July 29th Angel Card Reading


What’s been showing up in your life in the last few days? Be on the lookout for things that continue to show up. They hold messages for you. 

There are no coincides, so should you find yourself saying something like “wow what a coincidence!” – take a moment to think about it. What would have happened if you hadn’t found yourself in that situation? There may be a message in there that you needed and it came at the perfect time!

Thank you Angels, I trust your well-times guidance and signs. 

Loved On In Heaven

Have you thought of a loved one recently? Has something come up that reminded you of them? Maybe an activity they loved, or an image you had forgot you had. Know that they are supporting you along the way. 

Visualize them in your mind, and just have a conversation with them. Tell them about your day, ask a question or anything else you feel called to do. 

Thank you loved ones in Heaven for drawing close at this time.

The Divine Physician

Where did you need healing in your life right now? Physical or emotional? When we are on the spiritual path we spend a lot of time meditating, desiring a deeper connection to Spiriting, traveling to the 5th dimension for the Akashic records, etc, but we must remember that we are here in physical bodies on earth. In order to live our lives, we must care for our physical bodies first, then our minds and spirits. 

Visualize green light surrounding you. Ask for that healing. 

Thank you Raphael for shining your divine light upon my healthy body.

Which card called to you this week?

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