July 8, 2019 – Angel Card Reading

This week a couple of cards came up again, so if you chose that one before, dig deeper into why you are receiving this message again.

I pulled cards that help us reach our goals and happiness. These messages will mean something different to each one of you based on your goals and your definition of happiness.


This card is about trading your energy for abundance. This may not mean working for someone giving away your time or services. Today, I feel that this card is more about changing your own energy. Exchanging the anxiety for ease, the fear for flow, etc. If there is stagnant energy that you just feel is not serving your right now, trade that for energy that feels so good. 

You can exchange your energy through yoga, prayer, running, etc. Also exchanging the sugar for veggies will make you feel vibrant! 

The abundance comes in when you change your attitude, your energy. When you’re in alignment with the energy your desire, other things you desire will start appearing.

Ask yourself what energy you can let go of to feel great, not what abundance will make you feel better.

Animal Guardian

I love the imagery on this card. All of these animals have come to me in dreams or meditations. Animals are the Angels of nature. They each have lessons to teach us. This week in order to work for your goals and your happiness, you need to trust your instincts. Animals don’t question the signs or their worth or if they should go left or right, they just act on their instincts.

Trust the gut reactions, the signs that appear, the cards you pull, the things that don’t work out. What thought goes through your head first? Trust that. Act on that.

Notice the animals that come to you this week, in dreams or in your yard, posters, ads, tv shows, etc. You can look up the meanings of those animals online or in books. This is my favorite one: Animal Spirit Guides.

Here are what the animals on this card mean:

Owl – inner wisdom that you need to listen to
Deer – Trust your instincts, be gentle with yourself, find a nurturing space (where you can explore this intuition)
Raven – magic, dreams of prophecy, shape-shifting confidence. 
Panther – passion, spiritual growth, face your fears, and surrender. 

Great Teacher

What spiritual experiences have you had recently? What hardships have you had recently? Have you had a reading of some kind, gone to a retreat, read a new book, or experienced something in your life that opened your mind more? 

These experiences are your teachers. Learn from this experience. This card is here to remind you that once you learn, you need to implement out in the world. These are the experiences that create life, that create freedom, that create peace and clarity.

If your teacher is a person that you’ve been learning from, or a book, etc. then you take in the teachings that resonate, but be able to release. It’s not the teacher, it’s the teaching. Follow what you learn, but don’t become attached to the teacher. 

Which card resonated with you the most? What will you focus on this week?

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