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I first heard about USANA in a group coaching program I was a part of. At that time, I was willing to do anything to support my mind and body and feel relief from depression. I didn't want any part of the business, I just wanted to feel better. So I ordered a month supply to try it out and within a week realized that it was helping! More energy, more engagement in life, and less time spent depressed. I was hooked. Who doesn't love to feel their best?

After that first month, I was willing to check out the business side of USANA too and I am so happy I did! The support I've recieved is amazing. Our GirlTribe is filled with inspiring badass women who are passionate about health, happiness and supporting others. I've gained so much confidence and truly found a group of people who build each other up. We work together to make the healthiest families!

Our GirlTribe product partner is USANA, a company dedicated to creating the best supplements on the market.

USANA has tons of great products geared toward kids, adults and even expectant moms. I've tried many of their items and love them all! Wheather you just want to try the products or go all in with the business, GirlTribe and USANA are here for you!

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Nutrimeal for on-the-go nutrition, or a quick meal. REV3 for energy! Protein shakes for strength!


Taken twice a day, these little vitamins change your world! See what I take daily, below.

Skin Care

Celavive is the only product that I trust on my face. Healthy, beautiful, glowing skin is what you'll get!

Here's what I take daily

I don't go a day without these supplements because I know that they support the lifestyle that I love!


  • 2 Vita-Antioxidant
  • 2 Core Minerals
  • 1 BiOmega
  • 1 Vitamin D
  • 2 Proflavanol
  • 2 Procosa


  •  Vita-Antioxidant
  • 2 Core Minerals
  • 1 BiOmega
  • 2 Proflavanol
  • 1 Procosa

Let's chat about how USANA can help you.

Community, health, and wealth - Let's learn the best way for USANA to help you!