My Morning Routine; Part 1: CellSentials

This is going to be a series, starting with CellSentials, sharing my morning routine with you all. I think it’s super important to share this because for the longest time I didn’t think that I could have a morning routine. I have two kids and they are always up before I am. So any time I’ve tried to set a morning routine where I wake up alone, journal, meditate, and basically just start my day by myself, it hasn’t happened.

I was frustrated and finally gave up on the idea. One day it finally hit me that I’ve been creating my routine. It may not look like others’ routines, but its a set of things that I do every day. Some days it doesn’t start the instant I wake up, some days it’s in a different order, but these things happen all of the days now. I wouldn’t want to do it any other way. (ok, I would love some mornings that are totally my own, but since that probably won’t happen for some years, I’ll take what I can get!)

How could I start the day without my vitamins?! These are like magick! Magick little pills that give me energy, motivation and desire to do things! There’s a ton of science that backs them up, don’t worry, but seriously it feels like magic some days. If I don’t do anything else good for my body during the day, I make sure I do this. There are of course days when I don’t get to meditate or go for a run, or I don’t eat all of the healthy things, but this is a non-negotiable. It happens every single day.

These are where I get my energy, my motivation to do my work.

CellSentials Are Where It All Began

Once I began taking these supplements, I began to feel my energy and passion coming back. Once my energy began to come back to my body, I began to feel that spark of life again. Getting outside more helped me feel amazing, I met new friends, I started to exercise, I began to learn my Angel Cards, and I created this business. 

Without CellSentials none of this would have happened. You better believe I do not miss a day with these. 

It takes a while to build a habit, so there was a while when I would forget somedays. If I miss them I know by noon that I’ve forgotten my supplements though because I’m exhausted. I was falling asleep at my desk and that would remind me to go take them. Now that it’s been part of my routine for so long, I don’t forget. 

What is your #1 non-negotiable to get your day started?

Come back next week for part 2!

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