November 4th Angel Card Reading

The Theme of November

Magick Guardian
This month is going to all about unlocking the magick within you. Your inner magick. You are intuitive, and a super powerful manifester. Connect to it (your magick) in any way that you connect. Maybe that's through drawing, creating, spells, getting out into nature, or writing. Really connecting, feeling the energetic flow. You can be this powerful. You have the desire. You want to manifest, now is the time.
Shes the keeper of inner magick. Call on her when you need assistance.

What to focus on this week to unlock the Magick?

Shield Maiden
Focus. Figure out what you desire, then go for it. What does magick and manifestation look like for you? Do you need to get super detailed? Or just get a general idea? This is tied into your human design, whether you need to get all of the details or just a few.
Once you know what you want, make your plans and follow through. Keep that commitment to yourself to keep up with your plans. It's all about focusing on what you want to manifest. It's focusing on the magick, noticing the moments when the energy is flowing and keeping that momentum. When you see something manifest, thank the Angels, thank the Universe, and keep going. If you aren't feeling it, adjust your plans, but keep going.
Work backwards from your desired result. Then find ways to get started and make it happen!

What can assist us in making these plans?

White Witch
Be the light.
Seeing things with fresh eyes, with a new perspective. Letting go of the past and moving forward with total optimism. Have trust and faith that what you desire will come to fruition.
The owl is a sign of wisdom, of elders, those you have come before you. When making your plans, is there someone or some place you can go to ask for help? Someone you would trust their advice? Hearing the advice and then doing what you feel is best. Take what resonates and leave the rest.
You are safe, you are protected. Even with total innocence on your path, you are still safe. You are connected with all the elements. You are working from the heart and soul along with the logical side.

What will your challenge be when unlocking your magick?

Fire Guardian
You will find your challenge around your passion. You need to work with your passions, not against them. If you are going about your magick in a logical way, if you are doing things you don't love, it will be an energetic drain. It will take you away from the magick.
Do the things that feel good, that you feel passionate about. Things that feel pleasurable. Let go of the 'shoulds' and do what feels good.
You'll see this come up from time to time over the month. It's just a test to see how badly you want to be connected to your Angels, your guides, your inner wisdom. Don't let the little things derail you. If you find you're off course, just readjust and thank the Angels for reminding you of your powerful magickal energy!

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