October 14th Angel Card Reading

Fire Guardian

This week is all about passion and reigniting your passion for life, for your projects and work. For simply living life. 
The fire burns away what is no longer serving you, while simultaneously getting you excited for what you're passionate about. 
This fiery power can come out in rage, in creativity, in drive, or simply that excited buzzing energy for all of life.


Step away from the ego.

You don't need to be right. You don't need to prove that you are right. When you are fighting to be the one who is right, ask yourself is it because you truly believe this, or because you just want to be right?

If it's just because you want to be right, that's the ego. Let it go. You don't need it here. Even if what you're saying or doing is accurate, and someone else doesn't believe you, you don't need to fight for your answer. You can simply let go of the fight, and realize that they won't understand this until they have figured it out for themselves. Sometimes that takes only a few hours or day and sometimes it will never happen. Depending on the person and the particular issue. 

Welcome in peace. Welcome in the peace that flows when you stand in integrity, trust yourself and let others opinions go.


Faith. Trust that there are forces out there working on your behalf. Trust that they have your best interest in mind. Notice the drum, it's used for traveling to other realms, to visit dream space, to connect to your guides, to learn and grow.

The shaman was the wise elder of the tribe. The one whom everyone else turned to. How can you embody that this week? How can you lead and impart wisdom on others?

Where To Find These Cards

These cards are from the Angels and Ancestors deck by Kyle Gray. Click the link to the right to purchase your own deck!

(This is an affiliate link and I may make a small commission off of your purchase.)

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