Card Creators Coven: Membership

Introducing Card Creators Coven! A community space for you to create your own divination deck. 

Before you learn any more about this amazing community, here is who this space is for:

This is for the rebel creative. The one who knows what their messaging is, but wants to express it in a new way. In a way that speaks to their soul. The person who knows the basics of how to connect to their energy and hear messages. You may not consider yourself an artist, but you know that we all have creativity running through our veins. You want to do this work with the support of others on this journey. You believe in the work we do to connect others with their intuition and their divine power. We are the light warriors, witches, priestesses, light workers, and psychics of our time.  Some cards other creators have made in the community.
Right now.... With the community....
  • You don't totally resonate with your current decks in rotation. 
  • You create a deck that speaks to your soul. You know deep down this is exactly what you've been looking for,
  • You've thought about creating a deck, but don't think you're a good enough artist to create an entire deck yourself.
  • With the help of the community, you'll find your own unique creative style, and realize you are an artist, you are a creator. 
  • You've been a spiritual business owner for awhile, and you know your clients, but you aren't sure how to put that knowledge into card format. 
  • You'll take your own unique expertise and form it into the perfect deck to use with your clients. 
  • You started some cards on your own, but haven't kept up with it. It keeps dropping down the to-do list and you feel you'll never get around to it. 
  • With weekly co-working times, creation prompts, and check-ins, you'll have dedicated time on your calendar to work on your cards, and a community to celebrate each card you create. 
"Anybody who is even questioning it should just do it. It's amazing. The best art class you've ever taken....
I had some great art teachers growing up, but they never made me feel like I could be an artist or a creator."
Kelsey O'Neill

What you get inside the community...

Weekly Creation Prompts and Check In's Conversation around creativity and Spirituality.
Live video chats with me to see how I draw and create cards and other artworks. Be the first to learn about new blog posts, workshops, programs, events, and more.
Opportunities to test your cards inside the community. Get personalized feedback on your cards from me and others in the community.

Inside the Premium Coven you'll also get...

Weekly co-working sessions to put dedicated creation time on your calendar.  New and Full Moon Card Readings and the Spreads to go with.
Monthly 1-hour face to face live videos to chat about creation, meditate and create.  Additional tips, tricks, and updates to your deck. Exercises to engage creativity, energy work to clear and energize your deck, new spreads, etc. 




    "I've loved how healing it's been for me. I was having a "icky" day yesterday and coming to my cards was a great way to process, move forward, and feel good."



    Choose between the two membership levels.

    Card Creators Coven

    CCC - Premium

    • Card of the week prompt for creating that week.
    • Join the conversation of creating your cards with other like-minded souls.
    • Join live video chats where I pull cards, and draw new artwork.
    • Be the first to learn about new blog posts, workshops, programs, events, and more.
    • All community benefits, plus....
    • Weekly check-ins, office hours, and prompts for creation.
    • New Moon/Full Moon Readings.
    • Monthly 1-hour check-in live on video.
    • Posts with additional tips, tricks, and upgrades for your deck.



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