Commission Process

The commission process is 8 steps. Let me break down each one for you.

Stage 1: Pick Your Size and Style

To begin your commission work, choose your artwork style and size of art.

You can choose between digital art and colored pencil works, along with choosing different sizes.

Choose your size and package here.


Stage 2: Discuss Your Project

We will talk on the phone to make sure you have all the right selections perfect for your budget, and desired outcome. I'll walk you through the process, and answer any questions you may have.


Stage 3: Pick Your Image

The next step is to choose the perfect image for your project.  (If you've chosen a digital or intuitive package, this stage may not apply for you.)

Start by sending me 5-10 images if you have them of your pet. In different poses or settings.

We'll choose the best one for your project that makes your pet stand out and showcases their personality.


Stage 4: I Begin Drawing

This is when I start your project. I begin with a sketch, which I'll confirm with you before moving forward. Once you approve of the sketch, I'll begin adding color.

I'll share updates along the way via social media. You can follow along on Instagram and Facebook.

If this is a gift, I won't share any images on social media while we work. I don't want to ruin the surprise!


Stage 5: Final Adjustments

This is the second place you can request adjustments. In this stage, you can only request small color adjustments. For example, if some of the fur needs to be a little redder, or the eyes need to be a little browner. I work from the images you send, but you know your pet best if the color needs to be slightly adjusted.

Once you've approved, I'll add in the final details that really make your pet stand out!


Stage 6: Packing and Shipping

How exciting! Your artwork is done, so now it's time for me to ship it to you. If you're local, we can also schedule a local pick-up.

I'll matte your artwork, seal it inside an acid-free sleeve, and package it neatly inside a nice box. It will arrive with a care guide, and a certificate of authenticity (coming soon).


Stage 7: Share A Testimonial

After you've received your artwork and had a chance to take it all in, I would love for you to share your experience. This helps me both by updating the process if needed, and to share with any future clients.

You can email it to me here,, or leave it here on my Facebook page.

I love receiving reviews, watching videos of recipients opening their unique artwork, and seeing it hanging up in your home. Seeing it in its new home, and the reactions when you open it for the first time is really one of the best parts!



Share your artwork with friends and family with custom greeting cards, or prints. Those who know your pet will love having their own copy.

Ask about this when we have our initial discussion. Or reach out if you'd like to add on after your work is complete.


Ready To Begin?

Contact me, to get started.