Meet Ash

Hey, I’m Ash.

I work with spiritual, creative rebels, ready to take a leap and change their world.

They are just waking up to their spiritual selves and are beginning to see their power and are getting curious about the magick of the Universe. They have been diving in headfirst and getting lost in a sea, going all-in on each new spiritual thing they find. They are the rebels. Who never believed the stories. Who knew something was off when told what connection to Spirit was.

They defy the norms, and don’t fear standing out or pushing buttons. All while wondering how they can reconcile their loves and their spirituality. They desire more from this life and regret not exploring more earlier on and need ways to do so now.

They ask for help knowing what to do next. Now they just desire someone to tell them what to do next, a clear path laid out. However, they know what to do, they just don’t trust the messages coming to them, even-though they have always been coming. It was taught out of them from experiences that happened all around. They’ve been ignoring the messages their whole lives.

They are the horses in a sea of butterflies. (I’ll have to tell that story soon)What they actually need most is to trust themselves.

They don’t know that they can be spiritual badasses and leave behind all the old rules that stuffed them into little boxes, destroying their confidence and trust in themselves.

They don’t know what’s next but they know there is more and they are ready to learn, grow, expand, and untame themselves.

I allow these rebels, creators, outliers to come into my space to see my work. I allow them to feel the call.

I welcome the rockers, the yogis, the reformed “must look spiritual”ers.

I welcome the kids who were at concerts every weekend and now can’t reconcile staying home, saving money, and being spiritual.

I welcome the strong, resilient bad-asses, who continue to show up no matter what, that can have a wicked stubborn streak, who like to get the point quick, and then get to work.

I welcome those who’ve been called know-it-alls, “so not a [girl, boy, spiritual person, rebel, etc], to-much, tomboy, unlovable, unworthy, selfish, wannabes.

My clients are bad-asses who are ready to look into the shadows and reclaim the wild. They are ready to take a leap and to do their work in the world. They are ready to create through the shadows, spreading their light with art.

I thought I had to look and be spiritual. I thought I had to follow specific beliefs, and be a vegan, and wear flowing shirts 24/7 and listen to nothing but Krishna Das and MC Yogi. I had to look like a wife, a mom, a spiritual leader and I had to give up everything that didn’t fit in. So I wore what others wore, spoke as others spoke, and fit myself into a  smaller and smaller box, finding my ‘niche’.

We are not small boxes though. We could not possibly contain our light, our dark, our stories, beliefs, desires, styles inside one small box. We are expansive. We are wild. We co-create with the Universe and magnetize our desires. We are warriors who throw our arms up in the air and walk away from anything that doesn’t work for us.

They desire confidence, worthiness, trust in themselves and the Universe. They desire a support team of their favorite humans and Angles, ancestors, and Guides.

They desire to show the world who they truly are.

They want to change their world through their creations. They want to feel that their art changes lives and they want to support themselves with it. They paint, draw, write, and create.

I guide you to:

Reclaim the power you lost in your darkest moments.

Find your own unique way back into the light,

Learn to trust your intuition, and rewild your soul.

You become exactly who you are, and who you were always meant to become.

You connect to your Angels, Guides, and Guardians, you connect to the Universe. You trust the messages coming through you see art that colors the world and you create it.

They are creative, spiritual rebels.

Is this you?

Love, Light, and Rebel Creativity,
Ash King


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