Angel Card Reading || Choose 30min, 60min, or Email


During your angel card reading, you get to choose your decks and then we’ll chat about what you are looking to get out of your session. Perhaps it’s guidance on your career, relationships or another area that you just don’t know how to proceed with. This is a very interactive process, so the more that you respond, and open up about ideas that arise, the more you will receive from your reading.


Choose between 30 or 60-minute reading via Video Chat

You’ll get a 9 card spread for both, just choose how much time you’d like to spend discussing them! We’ll go more in-depth during a 60-minute reading. These are done via video with Facebook or Skype.

Email Reading

All done via email, you’ll get a 9 card reading with the image of the cards, and descriptions and messages associated with each one. Once you read it over, you will be able to reply with any questions you have.


Once you have purchased your option, you will receive an email with instructions on how to schedule your reading. Just follow the steps and I’ll see you soon!

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Learn more about angel card reading here.


What past clients have to say about their Angel Card Reading experience

I recently had an Angel Card reading with Ashley. It was a great experience, for a newbie like me. I had no idea what to expect and she explained things so that it made sense to me. I wasn’t looking for anything specific but the cards that came up made so much sense with what is and has gone on in my life recently. Plus the follow up she provides with the email with the recording and the prompts to ask yourself with what the Angels wanted me to hear and remind me of is great to have as a reference going forward. Definitely will be doing a reading again in the future!
– Justine

Feeling good with decisions to work on.
Ashley took her time and explained the cards and why they were where they were and asked if I had any questions and felt if the cards were resonating with me. I left feeling good but knowing I had some of my own decisions I have to work on over the next little while.
– Jessica
I left feeling confident, with a better understanding of where I am and where I am going.
– Eileen
After the session, I felt very positive
I could relate to all of the cards and descriptions. It definitely helped me realize that I need
to be more positive and that I need to put in the work to make myself happier and I need to pay attention to relationships that I have. That you took the time to explain every card to me in detail so that I would understand. I liked that you also helped me see where each card relates to me. After the session felt very positive. I have had things on my mind that I wasn’t sure of and doing this helped me realize that I am in charge of my own fate and I need to work on it.
– Lizz
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