Angelic Creation Masterclass : Learn How to Create Your Own Angel Cards


90-minute masterclass so that you can learn how to create your own Angel Cards so that you can create a deeper connection with your intuition.

Join live December 10th @11:00 AM CST and ask questions in the last 30 minutes. Recording provided.

You’ve heard the whispers and felt the electric energy through your body. You’ve seen the same messages over and over again. It’s telling you to listen to your inner guidance. Telling you to get creating with your Angels.


You’ve been relying on others to create your answers, not because you can’t make a decision, but because you are afraid to share your own desires. You’re afraid to share your beliefs and what others might say. You’re afraid of just how powerful you could be.


Creating your own Angel cards is about getting back to the basics, just you and your Angels. It’s about connecting with your Angels daily and working together to create a relationship of guidance, freedom, and comfort.

When it’s just you and your Angels, there’s no one to judge you, you can be honest with yourself and get clear about what your intuition is telling you.

It’s time to let go of the fear, time to step into your power and feel that electric connection of your intuition more often. You have everything that you need to connect within you. You are worthy of this connection to the Angels and you are worthy of your desires!

This is a practice of trusting your Angels and receiving openly. Creating your own cards is a process of rewilding, letting go of everything you grew up hearing about Angels, of tapping into your divine feminine, letting go of outside noise and making your own rituals. You’re using your intuition to lead the way, to choose the colors, to hear the messages, to put them down onto paper in word and art.

Through the creation, you’re learning who you truly are, and what you truly desire. You’ll feel that electric energy flowing through your body when you’ve found your intuition and heard the messages.

In this Masterclass, you’ll experience a Creative Activation to connect with your Angels, hear the messages you need and to create your own cards.

We’ll be on a Zoom call, so we can interact, you can ask questions and I’ll send you a recording.

By the end of the create your own angel cards class you will have:

  • Connected to your Angels
  • Created 3 Angel Oracle Cards
  • Developed trust in your own intuition
  • Found your creative side
  • Played with art supplies
  • Written guidebook for your 3 cards
  • Ability to use your intuition for decision making
  • A way to express your desires


When you enroll in this Masterclass to create your own angel cards, you’ll receive a PDF Workbook that will take you through the process with sheets to make your own guidebook! Get a supply list, additional resources,


  • Introduction
  • How to connect to your Angels/What are they
  • Why we would want to create our own cards
  • Supplies
  • Meditation
  • Journaling exercise
  • How to use the supplies and create your own cards
  • How/when to use your cards and to talk with your Angels
  • Q&A last 30 minutes

When you register, you’ll receive your workbook, take a look at the supply list and collect a few items to get started with before the live session! I’ll send out the link to join two days before the event.


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