Winged Feet of Mercury – Limited Edition – Pre-sale


10 Limited Editions prints are available. Once these 10 sell out, I won’t be printing any additional signed copies.

8×10 inches.

Each one is signed and numbered by me.

Comes in a protective plastic sleeve.

Each print will also come with a postcard containing an invocation to welcome in its energy into your space.

Shipping: Prints are currently in pre-sale – prints will begin shipping in late August.

Availability: 10 in stock

I first saw this during meditation with my coach at the time. We were working on my branding I think and I could see the image and the bright shiny coppery colors. I wasn’t able to get it out on paper as I had seen it in my head. Once I started with the digital medium it started to come out more. With digital media, it came together quickly!
I welcome you to my space, may you take my pen across this paper in the creative ways that will serve the highest good.
I thank you for your winged feet that fly in the air, through the clouds and bring messages and visions that must enter the world.
I call to you and welcome you here to grace these pages with creativity and visions of shadow work in progress.
May you align with me and hold the space I need to be there pioneer of artistic shadow work.
Blessed be,
This was written during an occult writing workshop and it seemed to fit perfectly!
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