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Akashic Records Reading For Your Business

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When you aren't sure where to go next, ask the great cosmic library. I'll connect to the Akashic Records and ask the questions that you are unsure of. You probably have some ideas and have been doing the work, but need that last confirmation or bit of guidance to push out of your comfort zone with faith that you're on the right track. 

What you receive in your reading:

  • Questionnaire to fill out before I begin. Let me know about your business and what you most need help with.
  • 2-3 pages of written info from your Akashic Records. 
  • Ability to ask questions and discuss via messenger or email after receiving your reading.

Things you may ask for help with:

  • What do I call my business?
  • What service do I offer next?
  • I have problem xyz, I've tried xyz - what do I do now?
  • Why am I not reaching my goals?
  • What should my logo be? 
  • What style should I have for my business/website?
  • Who is my ideal client?
  • I've been working with one type of client, but I want to transition to another type. How do I do this?
  • I'm feeling [emotion] in my business, but I want to feel [different emotion]. How do I get there?
  • What's holding me back in my business?

These are just a few ideas of what you could ask for help with. If you're not sure a reading could help with your particular request, please contact me and ask. 
Once you purchase, you'll receive a questionnaire within 24 hours. You're reading will be sent back to you within 48 hours of completing your questionnaire, excluding weekends.