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Darkness is But A Whisper || Poster

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The darkness isn't my enemy, it is my friend. I've gone there on purpose. To shift into a  new mindset that reveals itself piece by piece instead of the whole change coming in a thrashing wave overtaking me all at once. The darkness cradles me and rocks me softly, easing me back to life.
Place this poster on a wall in your sacred space to invite the darkness to be your friend. Remind yourself when you feel the darkness creeping in to ask yourself what you need to shift.
Choose between three sizes to fit your space.
Printed on paper that "has a classic poster matte finish you would expect with a traditional poster paper. "
It comes rolled in a cardboard tube, with a 1-inch white border around the size that you choose. ie choosing 18x24 will be on a paper that is 20x26.
Printed on-demand.