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Lilith and Her Serpent: Talisman on Leather Chord

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Lilith is soaked in so much history. Somewhere between being the villainous demon, and the empowered woman who walked her own path. Wear this when you call on her power. Her power to rewrite her story, to choose again, and to walk with fear down the path less traveled. 

Talismans help you gather power and focus it.

Wear this as a talisman to:

  • connect to Lilith
  • rewrite your own story
  • call back your power
  • release what others think of you

This could even be used as an amulet, something that protects you. 

  • protect yourself from the thoughts and comments of others
  • protect yourself from others energies and beliefs
  • set yourself free from societal beliefs and feel safer doing so
  • protection during activism


Made with shrink plastic and colored pencil, sealed with resin for a beautiful glossy finish. Hangs on an adjustable leather chord.