September 23rd Angel Card Reading

Water Guardian

This week will be all about your emotions that you need to let go of. Water connects with the West and with Autumn. Since the 23rd was the first day of Autumn, it's a great time for you to dig into the emotions you are experiencing this week and release the ones that no longer serve you. It's a time to flow with your emotions, to feel them fully.

Don't be afraid to dig a little deeper and keep asking yourself questions like 'why does that make me feel ----?' or 'why am I afraid to ------?', etc. Just keep asking yourself a string of questions like this until you reach a breakthrough, a place where you've never been before, something that you've never uncovered before.


This week it's time to move in a new direction. It's time to try something new. To go a new way, try a new way of doing things, or take on a new opportunity.

See where you've come from, release what no longer serves, and carry on in a new way. It's all about exploring, and breaking through the bounds that have kept you locked away. 

This week I cut off half my hair, bought a pair of bright red jeans, cleaned out space, sold a few things. and it feels amazing! it's a new direction for me to be getting clearer on who I work with and who I am. This is just an example, but it's my way of learning to work in a new way and to release directions that weren't serving me.


Right now is not the time to act. It's time to review the information you have and wait for additional information. This can come from your intuition, it can come from signs you ask for, opportunities that present themselves, or feedback from small actions.

Gather the info, look for the signs or maybe listen to that outspoken friend and pull what you need from what she keeps repeating. 

It's also important here to mention that you shouldn't let our wants get in the way of your needs. We want that instant gratification, but sometimes what we NEED takes longer to get to us and we just need to be patient while it's coming. Truly open your eyes. See what's coming up for what it is. Is it avoidance, or self-sabotage, for example. 

When you gather the information first, you'll be better prepared to make the best decision for yourself.

Where To Find These Cards

These cards are from the Angels and Ancestors deck by Kyle Gray. Click the link to the right to purchase your own deck!

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