September 9th Angel Card Reading

Angel Card Reading September 9


Retreat and Recharged

Get quite within your body. Clear your mind. Let thoughts pass in and out without judgment. It’s not a clearing the mind in that you don’t have any thoughts at all, think of it as an organization. Some items you toss, some items you keep, but put away, some items you organize into different areas of your house. Your thoughts are the same. Some you don’t need at all like the limiting beliefs or the negative self-talk, some you don’t need right now like what you’re going to have for dinner next week, and some you just need to organize so that you can find them again when you’re done meditating. 

This is your time to recharge. You don’t need to be surrounded by people and things all the time, sometimes you just need to focus on your own self care and feel connected to your own energy. If you can, get out into nature to do some recharging, when you’re only able to hear nature. Once you’ve recharged, then you can join the rest of the world and begin sharing and connecting with others again.


Surround Yourself with Protective Energy

This week is all about getting clear on your direction. Having a focal point. The energy you need is that which will keep you centered and away from the thoughts that will have you taking on others pespectives. Like when you have a new goal or a project and you tell everyone and have those well-meaning people tell you it’s not worth it, or it won’t work, or be careful. They may want what’s best for you, but what’s actually best for you is to protect your energy, protect your excitement and joy and belief and move forward with your path. When you have a clear focus, and a clear goal, you can head straight for it without letting others thoughts and opinions derail you.

Keep yourself in your own golden bubble, safe from any negative thoughts that may take you off course.


See from a Higher Perspective

This card keeps coming up for us, doesn’t it? So I’m going to ask you a series of questions to get to the bottom of this card. Where in your life are you still holding on to the little details? Where can you step back further? What opportunities have you seen recently, can they be of service to you? Where do you need a new beginning? Where do you need to go deeper into your spiritual journey? Where and how can you get creative to find solutions or receive guidance? Who else is involved, can you see this situation from their perspective? How can you do all things from a place of love?

When a card comes up continually there is a reason. It usually means that there is more to the message. Don’t be afraid to dream BIG. Fly through the clouds of doubt, and find the clartiy. Be coragous as the Eagle is.  

These cards are from the Angels and Ancestors deck by Kyle Gray.

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