Message from Archangel Raziel, the Divine Magician

This is magic. This is real. You can feel it every day. There is not a movie out there that can show you what it really feels like. Don't believe what you see in the media. Magic isn't dressing up or changing how you show up, it's in your bones, it's in your soul. It's how you connect with the world all around you. Feel it. Breathe it. Rise up higher. Know that this is what magic is. Feel the changes. Feel the ecstasy, the joy. Keep breathing, stay still and trust. Don't break the connection to us, just keep floating higher and higher, until you see me in the clouds. I am here just for you. 

I am here for all people who call on me the divine magician. I am here to remind you of your ability to connect with all of the elements. You have the power to affect all of the elements. You have a powerful being. 

Just like all things on earth, you can make changes to the elements. You can drink the water, burn the paper, write with wood and burnt wood, you can work with spirit. You can effect change and use all of these elements. You are magic.

Connect With Your Angels For Clarity And Confidence.

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October 7th Angel Card Reading

Sisterhood of the Rose

Devotion. You are a teacher, a mystic. You’re being called to get out into nature, to see the beauty of Mother Earth and then add to that beauty. You’re here to see the good in the world and magnify that good.

If you’re an artist, create art with gratitude for this beauty. If you write, write about beauty, about Mother Nature. However you create, create in Her name.

Devote yourself to the beauty and mysticism that is all around you and notice what happens when you do.

The Ever-Unfolding Rose

It’s not happening to you, it’s happening for you. No matter how much it hurts, no matter how hard it is, it’s happening for you. It’s cracking you open in a way that you will make you ready to birth a new age, in a way that will make you ready to take on a new way of being.

When you look at a rose, notice the patterns. Notice how you feel and what is drawing you in. This pattern is the pattern of life. How everything goes in cycles and slowly opens, then petals fall, the flower dies and a new one is grown. Much like life, slowly we open to a new way of being, the old parts fall away, an old self dies, and a new one takes its place.

Have faith, and don’t shut down when things get rough. Let your heart continue to open.

Birthing a New Age

When you have been cracked open, when you have devoted yourself to your path, to the mysticism of the earth, then you create a new world. When you begin working on yourself, you begin to realize what you want the world to look like.  You first need this vision.

You may be in a transition phase and not feel ready to create a new world, a new project, a new artwork, etc, but do it anyway. Begin before you’re ready. This is the way it works. This is how we create something new. We see our desires, we envision a new way, and then we take action before we think we are ready. Your Angels will be there every step of the way to help you, so take the leap and birth a new age.

Go Deeper, Create A Deeper Connection With Your Angels

I’m looking for three women to join a test month of my Angelic Healing Package. For one month we will meet twice online, for one Angel Card Reading and one Angelic Healing Session. You’ll have access to me between calls, to ask questions and share your wins and insights. This is for you if you’re ready to connect with your Angels and become the artist of your own life with confidence and clarity. Apply Here.

(Cards are from the Work Your Light Deck by Rebecca Campbell)

Angel Card Reading September 9

September 9th Angel Card Reading


Retreat and Recharged

Get quite within your body. Clear your mind. Let thoughts pass in and out without judgment. It’s not a clearing the mind in that you don’t have any thoughts at all, think of it as an organization. Some items you toss, some items you keep, but put away, some items you organize into different areas of your house. Your thoughts are the same. Some you don’t need at all like the limiting beliefs or the negative self-talk, some you don’t need right now like what you’re going to have for dinner next week, and some you just need to organize so that you can find them again when you’re done meditating. 

This is your time to recharge. You don’t need to be surrounded by people and things all the time, sometimes you just need to focus on your own self care and feel connected to your own energy. If you can, get out into nature to do some recharging, when you’re only able to hear nature. Once you’ve recharged, then you can join the rest of the world and begin sharing and connecting with others again.


Surround Yourself with Protective Energy

This week is all about getting clear on your direction. Having a focal point. The energy you need is that which will keep you centered and away from the thoughts that will have you taking on others pespectives. Like when you have a new goal or a project and you tell everyone and have those well-meaning people tell you it’s not worth it, or it won’t work, or be careful. They may want what’s best for you, but what’s actually best for you is to protect your energy, protect your excitement and joy and belief and move forward with your path. When you have a clear focus, and a clear goal, you can head straight for it without letting others thoughts and opinions derail you.

Keep yourself in your own golden bubble, safe from any negative thoughts that may take you off course.


See from a Higher Perspective

This card keeps coming up for us, doesn’t it? So I’m going to ask you a series of questions to get to the bottom of this card. Where in your life are you still holding on to the little details? Where can you step back further? What opportunities have you seen recently, can they be of service to you? Where do you need a new beginning? Where do you need to go deeper into your spiritual journey? Where and how can you get creative to find solutions or receive guidance? Who else is involved, can you see this situation from their perspective? How can you do all things from a place of love?

When a card comes up continually there is a reason. It usually means that there is more to the message. Don’t be afraid to dream BIG. Fly through the clouds of doubt, and find the clartiy. Be coragous as the Eagle is.  

These cards are from the Angels and Ancestors deck by Kyle Gray.

The Violet Flame

The Making of: The Violet Flame Card #12

I want to tell you the story of how I create each of my cards. Think of this as my Guidebook to my personal deck of cards. As I create new ones, I’ll share more stories. You’ve got at least 22 weeks of stories coming your way, one each week. The majority of my cards are created in Inktense pencils on watercolor paper and these are their creation stories. 

The Violet Flame    


If you’ve been feeling negative, if you’ve been in a bad mood, it’s time to heal. Get quite, visualize the Violet Flame flowing all around your body. You’re surrounded in violet, in high vibes, in good energy, in healing energy. It’s time to transmute negative emotions. Embrace them, get to know them, learn from them, but don’t hold on to them. Let the negativity flow right out of you letting it be replaced by Violet. 

The Inspiration and Meaning of this Card

I was at a holistic expo and had an aura photo done. It’s a unique experience. You place your hand on this little device that reads your energy. In the end, you get a picture of the different colors that appear in your aura. I’m a yellow-green aura, at least on that day. The interesting part of this reading though was that my crown chakra was violet. The woman doing the reading said that while most people have white up there, it’s the healers who have purple. She told me of the Violet flame and it’s connection to St. Germain. The Violet Flame is here for us to use to heal ourselves through transmutation. Say you’re in a bad mood, you can visualize the energy of the violet flame surrounding you, burning away the negative energy. You’ve just transmuted your bad mood into a good one, or at least into a calm on. 
I created this card to remind me of that flame, of that energy, and of that gift that we can access when needed. 

If you want to continue to hear the stories of my own deck of cards, join the VIP list and I’ll let you know each week when a new story is released. You’ll also be the first to know of new programs and wicked deals. 

The Making of: Angel Wing – Card #5

I want to tell you the story of how I create each of my cards. Think of this as my Guidebook to my personal deck of cards. As I create new ones, I’ll share more stories. You’ve got at least 22 weeks of stories coming your way, one each week. The majority of my cards are created in Inktense pencils on watercolor paper and these are their creation stories. 

Angel Wing
Mother Earth Magick

Thank you for reminding me of your presence. Your Angels want to work with you, but you have to ask them for help. Here on Earth, you have wings of your own, you’re doing your Earth Angel work. Ask your Angels for assistance in that work. Always remember to come back to your own personal practice, as much as you help others, you mustn’t forget about yourself. Without your own Spiritual Cup full, you can’t help the others. 

The Inspiration of this Card

Nothing fancy for inspiration here. Simply the reminder that I can’t help others if I don’t help myself first. If I don’t keep up with my own practice and work with my Angels, I can’t help others. 

I chose the colors intuitively. I didn’t think about it at all, I just grabbed what my hand touched. 

The Meaning of the Angel Wing

The wing itself, of course, is a symbol of Angels, of flight, of higher perspective, of freedom. 

The orange is all about ambition and having a global impact. For me, it’s the basis of where my business begins, orange. It was the first color that I was drawn to for Studio429 and it’s carried on through everything. 

The blue is a symbol of confidence, relaxation, and flow. 

If you want to continue to hear the stories of my own deck of cards, join the VIP list and I’ll let you know each week when a new story is released. You’ll also be the first to know of new programs and wicked deals. 

20 Ideas for the Play Card from this Weeks Reading

This card has come up often in my life and in this weekly reading, so I thought it might be helpful for you and me to come up with a list of ways to play and celebrate. The Play card is all about having fun, celebrating and to quit the serious energy.

These are big and small, some you can do right now, some require a little planning. This is how you have fun during your day, how you balance your work and your passions, how you celebrate your wins and how you get through your bad moods. Use it however you see fit and add your ways to play too in the comments.

20 Ideas for Play and Celebration

  1. Take a walk without your phone. (at least put it on airplane if you want it for safety or as a camera)
  2. Get up and dance. 
  3. Take a risk and try some new balacning postures in yoga
  4. Take a break from the non-fiction and read a fiction book 
  5. Play with the dog/cat/rabbit/horse/etc
  6. Turn off the phone and dedicate an hour (or even just 5 minutes) to playing whatever game the kids want to do
  7. Turn the music up!
  8. Go for a hike somewhere new
  9. Play an instrument, not to practice it or worry about what it sounds like, just to have fun
  10. Try something new – food, painting, rock climbing, running, singing, whatever sounds thrilling you’ve never done before
  11. Take a fun art class – you know one where you can eat and drink and leave with a finished piece. 
  12. Paint a picture
  13. Create an art journal
  14. Invite over friends to spend time together
  15. Make dinner on the grill have fun outside while it’s heating up and cooking
  16. Go barefoot and walk through all the puddles, the grass and come home with dirty feet
  17. Rearrange all of the pictures on your walls
  18. Go explore a part of town you haven’t before, walk through the shops, the parks, the cool places you haven’t seen
  19. Pick some flowers to keep on your desk
  20. Plant some new flowers, they’ll bring in all the birds, butterflies, and bees for you to watch later too

What would you add to this list of play and celebration? Pick one thing off the list and go do it today! 

(card is from the “Work Your Light” deck by Rebecca Campbell)

My Morning Routine: Pull A Card

The next thing that I do every morning is to pull a card for myself.

Just one card to give me direction for the day. I use the message as a guide. If it says I need to take care of my energy, I do at least one thing for that. If it says I’m almost hitting my goal, I’ll get on it and work that day.

Pulling that card helps me get grounded each day and makes sure I stay connected to my intuition and Angels. It’s one thing that I know I can do every day to develop my own practice.

How I Pull My Angel Card

I hold my deck of choice in my hands, close my eyes, take a deep breath in and out and then ask:

“What do I need to know today for my highest good?”

There are a few days when I don’t do this and that is when I’ve kept getting the same card. Then I hold off on pulling one so that I can focus on getting to the bottom of why I’m getting that card. There are also some days when I just don’t feel like pulling a card. On those days I don’t push it, I just flow with the energy and listen.

Do you pull a card for yourself every day?

Angel Card Reading for May 27th

This week we’re talking about the positive changes coming into your awareness. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about fears, and what needs to be released, now we’re in the final week of May and are ready for those positive changes! 
Which card speaks to you today? 


Right now you’re in a great space to play and have fun. You’ve done the work, made it to the other side and now it’s time for fun. You don’t have to wait for anything special, just have fun now. Don’t be so serious about your life. You’re letting go of the struggles and embracing the joy, the fun, the laughter. 

The best way to get started is to celebrate. Celebrate your accomplishments, or what you’re grateful for, or simply because it’s Tuesday. There is no way to celebrate wrong, so don’t wait until you’ve been paid, don’t wait until the kids have a sitter, just celebrate today, right now, anything and everything you can celebrate. You can dance in your office, take the afternoon off, make a healthy treat, or take a walk, it’s up to you how you’d like to celebrate. The more you celebrate, the more that will enter your life that requires celebration. 


You’re learning the value of boundaries. For you, the positive changes are happening because you’ve begun to set clear, intentional boundaries. They may be around your work, your schedule, your morning routine, or who you spend your time with. Whatever you’re setting up, keep going! It’s helping you. You’re able to center yourself and keep all the sucking energies at bay. This is how you light up from within and connect to your true source of power. 

The best way for you to keep this up is to identify what boundaries you’ve put in place this month if you aren’t sure what you did differently. Did you adjust your working hours? Spend less time with certain people? More time with other people? Make a list of what you did this month and whatever boundaries that are still feeling amazing, that you know helped you tremendously, keep them in place. Write them somewhere that you can see them daily. Keep that promise to yourself to stick to it.


The positive changes are showing up in your life by taking you to new places. This doesn’t have to be a physical space. This could be in your dreams, your meditations, or your spiritual practice. Within those places, you’re finding the changes you need to live a healthy, happy life. You’ve been reading, learning, gathering info, and journeying to new areas of your soul (Imrama means Journey of the Soul) and it’s working. You’re finding the sacred in everyday life. 

To keep this positive change going, identify where you are on your journey (The Life Path Spread is a great place to gain more insight into that), what is that you’ve been doing this month. What have you learned? What have you read? What cards have you pulled? Take time to acknowledge everything you’ve done this month, then choose where you want to go next. Is there a book, a course, a place, or a meditation that you’ve been getting called to? Time to get started on that!

Which card called to you this week? What did you learn from that? Where will it take you? Let me know in the comments below! 

Peace is our Power; It’s Why We’re Here

Imagine this:

You wake up and feel so happy to be alive.

You know that everyone you see will be just as happy.

A world where we give freely to our communities.

Where we drop our guard without fear of what will happen to us.

Where we think ‘how can I help my neighbor today?”

A time when we can turn on the news and the worst thing happening is rain coming in tomorrow.

This is what the Angels and the Universe wants for us. Peace. Community. Love. Grace.

I started reading The Angel Therapy Handbook by Doreen Virtue recently and on page 4 it says this:

 “The angels have a purpose to enact God’s will. Which is peace upon earth, one person at a
time. These beings know that if each of us is peaceful, then we’ll have a world  of peaceful people.”

I read that quote a few times and highlighted it because it just felt so right. I’ve always felt like there was something that was off in the world. Some big picture that we were all completely missing. We were not meant to be always fighting each other or keeping people out of our lands, or arguing over things small and large or tearing people down on the internet. It just has never felt right, I’ve always wondered how this strange message came to be and I’m sure I’m not alone in that regard. When I read that quote, a peace came over me. It was like, well, of course, we are meant for peace, why wouldn’t we be? We are meant to be peaceful, to work together and help others. We are meant to co-create with our angels and with Mother Earth. We are here for a higher purpose than to fight over what is ‘ours’.

Go back and read that quote again. What is the first thought that comes up? For me what comes up is that we all must be responsible, and we must wake more people up to their connection to the divine. A peaceful world begins with each of us learning to cultivate that connection and peace within ourselves.

This doesn’t mean we just stop talking and walk away from the issues in the present moment. Quite the contrariety. It means that we must get quite within ourselves and ask our angels, “What Do I need to know right now?” “what do I need to do to help create peace?”. Just sit and listen. they will send you a message. and if you can’t hear it while meditating, ask for a clear sign. “Dear Angels, Thank you for showing me a crystal clear sign of what I need to do to create peace.” Be vigilant and your sign will appear.

Then act on it. Take inspired action. don’t let the idea just go because of fear. listen to your angels. This post today is one of my messages. It is the start of voicing my opinions even if some don’t approve or some try to sway me in a different direction.

I know this to be true right now – so I am taking action.

We can each do our part.

We each do what we must to create peace within ourselves. Sometimes that means ruffling a few feathers. Sometimes that means standing up for someone. Sometimes that means doing what you know to be right, even if it’s not the popular opinion.

Your angels will guide you in the right direction.

These are not changes that can happen overnight. You and I both know that there is a lot of upset in the world right now, too much for things to change that quickly. Change is on its way though, its happening all around us and within us. Change starts with you. After all, Gandhi said, “be the change you wish to see in the world”. Change and peace start with one. When people begin to see the changes you are making to yourself, they have the opportunity to rise up and make those changes for themselves. By making changes in your own life, you are giving them permission to do the same. It starts to spread and before you know it, a movement is born. A movement towards a better world, a better place for us and for our kids and generations to come. When we call on our Angels, when we listen to their messages, we create peace in ourselves.

When we create peace, we can spread peace.

I ask that if any of this spoke to you, please pass the message along.

It starts with you.

Toddlers and Sleep, and don’t forget the Meditation!

My daughter is three and since our last road trip, she hadn’t been sleeping well. She would spend between 8pm and 11pm creeping down the hallway, into the bathroom, into our bedroom and crouched behind the gate at the end of the hallway. She wasn’t getting sleep and we spent that time telling her to go back to bed, tucking her back in and getting frustrated. Did I mention that she would still be back up at 5am? We weren’t getting enough sleep either!

I finally decided one night to try something different. Reading books before bed wasn’t really helping her calm down. Jumping around the bed, I spent half the story reading time telling her to sit back down so that I could focus. From that night on, we’ve done a meditation instead. She gets in bed, I turn the lights off, turn on an oil diffuser, and we lay in bed listening to a meditation.

We’ve been through quite a few, some worked and some didn’t do anything. She loves my angel cards, so I figured we would start there. I found an angel meditation on YouTube and she loved it. She slept right through the night! Sadly that one didn’t work for more than that night. Since then, I’ve tried maybe 10 different ones for a couple nights each to see how she does. She finally settled on the Sleep Meditation from Kyle Gray. We’ve done that one every night for more than a month now, and only a few times does she take up her old habits. It’s usually easier to get her back to bed.

Why did Angel Prayer’s work?

I think this one works so well because she connected to it. It felt true to her. She repeats some of the words of affirmation that are repeated: blessed, safe, relaxed. Saying these words and listening to how the angels are there to protect her while she sleeps made her feel safe. The meditation helps to cut the chords from all the energies we are bombarded by all day, which helps her relax. Then repeating the words, helps her relax even further so that she can safely go to sleep in her own bed.

Remember she is still a toddler, so many times I find her in my bed asleep when I get ready for bed. She still has her mischevious, but it only lasts a few minutes, and then she drifts off to sleep. Which makes all of us very happy to have found this!


What do you do to get your toddler to go to sleep, or are they naturally great sleepers?

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