Peace is our Power; It’s Why We’re Here

Peace is our Power; It’s Why We’re Here

Imagine this:

You wake up and feel so happy to be alive.

You know that everyone you see will be just as happy.

A world where we give freely to our communities.

Where we drop our guard without fear of what will happen to us.

Where we think ‘how can I help my neighbor today?”

A time when we can turn on the news and the worst thing happening is rain coming in tomorrow.

This is what the Angels and the Universe wants for us. Peace. Community. Love. Grace.

I started reading The Angel Therapy Handbook by Doreen Virtue recently and on page 4 it says this:

 “The angels have a purpose to enact God’s will. Which is peace upon earth, one person at a
time. These beings know that if each of us is peaceful, then we’ll have a world  of peaceful people.”

I read that quote a few times and highlighted it because it just felt so right. I’ve always felt like there was something that was off in the world. Some big picture that we were all completely missing. We were not meant to be always fighting each other or keeping people out of our lands, or arguing over things small and large or tearing people down on the internet. It just has never felt right, I’ve always wondered how this strange message came to be and I’m sure I’m not alone in that regard. When I read that quote, a peace came over me. It was like, well, of course, we are meant for peace, why wouldn’t we be? We are meant to be peaceful, to work together and help others. We are meant to co-create with our angels and with Mother Earth. We are here for a higher purpose than to fight over what is ‘ours’.

Go back and read that quote again. What is the first thought that comes up? For me what comes up is that we all must be responsible, and we must wake more people up to their connection to the divine. A peaceful world begins with each of us learning to cultivate that connection and peace within ourselves.

This doesn’t mean we just stop talking and walk away from the issues in the present moment. Quite the contrariety. It means that we must get quite within ourselves and ask our angels, “What Do I need to know right now?” “what do I need to do to help create peace?”. Just sit and listen. they will send you a message. and if you can’t hear it while meditating, ask for a clear sign. “Dear Angels, Thank you for showing me a crystal clear sign of what I need to do to create peace.” Be vigilant and your sign will appear.

Then act on it. Take inspired action. don’t let the idea just go because of fear. listen to your angels. This post today is one of my messages. It is the start of voicing my opinions even if some don’t approve or some try to sway me in a different direction.

I know this to be true right now – so I am taking action.

We can each do our part.

We each do what we must to create peace within ourselves. Sometimes that means ruffling a few feathers. Sometimes that means standing up for someone. Sometimes that means doing what you know to be right, even if it’s not the popular opinion.

Your angels will guide you in the right direction.

These are not changes that can happen overnight. You and I both know that there is a lot of upset in the world right now, too much for things to change that quickly. Change is on its way though, its happening all around us and within us. Change starts with you. After all, Gandhi said, “be the change you wish to see in the world”. Change and peace start with one. When people begin to see the changes you are making to yourself, they have the opportunity to rise up and make those changes for themselves. By making changes in your own life, you are giving them permission to do the same. It starts to spread and before you know it, a movement is born. A movement towards a better world, a better place for us and for our kids and generations to come. When we call on our Angels, when we listen to their messages, we create peace in ourselves.

When we create peace, we can spread peace.

I ask that if any of this spoke to you, please pass the message along.

It starts with you.

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Toddlers and Sleep, and don’t forget the Meditation!

Toddlers and Sleep, and don’t forget the Meditation!

My daughter is three and since our last road trip, she hadn’t been sleeping well. She would spend between 8pm and 11pm creeping down the hallway, into the bathroom, into our bedroom and crouched behind the gate at the end of the hallway. She wasn’t getting sleep and we spent that time telling her to go back to bed, tucking her back in and getting frustrated. Did I mention that she would still be back up at 5am? We weren’t getting enough sleep either!

I finally decided one night to try something different. Reading books before bed wasn’t really helping her calm down. Jumping around the bed, I spent half the story reading time telling her to sit back down so that I could focus. From that night on, we’ve done a meditation instead. She gets in bed, I turn the lights off, turn on an oil diffuser, and we lay in bed listening to a meditation.

We’ve been through quite a few, some worked and some didn’t do anything. She loves my angel cards, so I figured we would start there. I found an angel meditation on YouTube and she loved it. She slept right through the night! Sadly that one didn’t work for more than that night. Since then, I’ve tried maybe 10 different ones for a couple nights each to see how she does. She finally settled on the Sleep Meditation from Kyle Gray. We’ve done that one every night for more than a month now, and only a few times does she take up her old habits. It’s usually easier to get her back to bed.

Why did Angel Prayer’s work?

I think this one works so well because she connected to it. It felt true to her. She repeats some of the words of affirmation that are repeated: blessed, safe, relaxed. Saying these words and listening to how the angels are there to protect her while she sleeps made her feel safe. The meditation helps to cut the chords from all the energies we are bombarded by all day, which helps her relax. Then repeating the words, helps her relax even further so that she can safely go to sleep in her own bed.

Remember she is still a toddler, so many times I find her in my bed asleep when I get ready for bed. She still has her mischevious, but it only lasts a few minutes, and then she drifts off to sleep. Which makes all of us very happy to have found this!


What do you do to get your toddler to go to sleep, or are they naturally great sleepers?

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Restoring our Connection to the Universe

Restoring our Connection to the Universe

We’ve lost our connection to the Universe. We’ve lost our connection with the food we eat, and the people we talk to. We used to spend our days outside with the plants and animals. The more time we, as humans spend tied to a computer, the more time tied to our phones, the less connection we have. The less connection to our intuition we have. Our intuition is what tells us when to start or stop a new project, to change directions and to try new things. Our intuition protects us and makes us come alive! We need that connection. We are humans and as such, we crave that connection! Without the connection, we don’t have a purpose and we end up burnt out, angry, and depressed.

Angel cards are one tool that helps to restore that connection. We ask our angels for signs all the time without realizing it. We are constantly putting messages out into the Universe. With little connection, we miss the signs. But with a physical thing that we can hold, we can see, we can review later, we have a tangible connection to the divine. We can communicate with the cards and in doing so, restore our connection with our angels and the Universe.

We get that card that says we need to get outside, or eat healthier or to believe in ourselves and we take those steps. We begin to feel better and so we go back to the cards to see what else they have to say. Little by little, we are led back to our true nature and to that connection we so desire.

Then one day we begin to see signs without the cards, we get that little nudge without a physical object. That is our intuition returning to us. That is us seeing that intuition and taking action in the moment, without cards. That is what we are looking for. A sense of knowing within ourselves. Something that doesn’t require cards or books or counselors.

That is why I am so honored to be an angel card reader. I can help others connect to their intuition and to their angels. Alongside other Angel Card readers, we can connect the world to their intuition that has been trying to get through all along, one by one. It is my hope that more and more people try using Angel Cards (or doing yoga, or eating better, or getting outside more) and restore their connection and develop their intuition.

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Your Angel Cards Aren’t Your New Magic 8-Ball

Your Angel Cards Aren’t Your New Magic 8-Ball

Do you remember when Magic 8-Balls were all the rage? You had to have one – if you were a ‘cool’ kid anyway. As soon as you had one, you probably asked the same question over and over until you got the answer you wanted. And wasn’t it depressing when it kept giving you the same answer? You couldn’t trust the thing! Ha! After a while statistics should have given you the answer you wanted.

Although maybe, there was something too that ridiculous ball.

Angel cards can give you much more complex answers since there are 44 cards, and many different combos for your specific question. There are some similarities!

However, you can’t treat them quite the same, because asking the same question over and over again doesn’t work. Why?

If you have kids, you know they love to ask the same question over and over again. After my daughter asks me over and over, I get annoyed and my answers get less detailed. I eventually just stop telling her, since she wasn’t listening anyway. Check out what I’d imagine this to be like below.

The Universe works in similar ways. If you keep asking but don’t listen, the Universe will get annoyed and will stop sending you messages. After all, if you didn’t listen the first 5 times, why should the Universe keep telling you? You aren’t paying attention to the signs or you don’t trust.

Which brings us to:

Do you trust in the Universe? Do you trust your intuition?

If you’re asking the Universe the same questions every day, you may not be putting your faith in the Universe. You’ll be doing what the person in the image above is doing.

If every day you ask “Where will I get $100 (insert any other things you desires)”. You’re telling the Universe you don’t trust the answers you’re being given. Maybe you didn’t hear the message, or maybe you really didn’t trust it. You can certainly ask for clarification, but if you just keep asking, as if you didn’t hear, then you won’t hear anything.

Change Your Language

Ask something open such as “What do I need to know today?”. That question is open-ended, anything could come up. If you listen to what comes up and act upon it, then the Universe knows you trust.

Language is so powerful. You have the power to manifest whatever you focus on. If you aren’t getting the messages you expect, change your language. Show the Universe you mean business, and that you trust in everything She has to say.

Remember this isn’t a Magic-8 ball. There are infinite answers if you are ready to listen.

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My Top Two Favorite Angel Card Decks and Why I Love Them

My Top Two Favorite Angel Card Decks and Why I Love Them

Angel Cards are my favorite spiritual practice now. I use them almost every day for myself or others.

I just completed my Angel Certification Course and now I have spots available for discounted card readings!

My two favorite decks:

Indigo Angels

Doreen Virtue
This was my first deck, and I am still very connected to it. This is for those of you who are leaders, who do their own thing because they believe it to be right, those who don’t do things just because everyone else is.

Angel Prayers

Kyle Gray
A great deck for anyone interested in Angles. I love the artwork and the messages always fit. Plus they have a little prayer on each card that you can remember throughout the day.

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Why I believe in Angels

Why I believe in Angels

Angels are pretty new to me. Prior to 2017, I didn’t really believe in much. Certainly not to the point that I would discuss things like this with other people. Even now, I am only beginning to open up about my beliefs. Now I totally believe that angels have my back.

I’m sharing a few stories that have helped me truly believe in angels and the Universe. These are the stories that have me and others dropping their jaw in total awe that something like this could exist.

  1. 4294 – The Story of How My Daughter Told Me to Believe
  2. Flying Wheels – When my angels told me to be careful on the road.
  3. Broken Plate – I should have gotten the plate first


My daughter has been saying 4294 for so long. Anytime she would count, it was 4294, over and over again. She never counted 123.

I found the Angel Intelligence Certification Course in October and knew immediately that I wanted to be in the class. Once in the class we began talking about Angel Numbers and on that day I realized that she hadn’t said those numbers since I decided I was going to be in the class. Guess what those numbers mean:

4 – Your Angels Are With You

2- Keep the faith

9 – Find your life’s purpose.

4 – Your Angels Have your Back

Think it was a coincidence that she stopped saying those numbers when I found angel card readings?

Flying Wheels

I was driving home one day and my car was acting funny. Lots of rumbling. I stopped at the gas station to air up the tires, they were low and I assumed that would fix it. It didn’t though, and since I was in a no cell service area, I just kept driving a little slower than normal down the road. I got this vision in my head that my tire was going to fly off and roll down the road. But I assumed that’s way to crazy, that will never happen. So I kept driving.

Within a few minutes, there was a huge noise and sure enough, the tire was rolling down the other side of the road, without me. We came to an easy stop and a nice woman stopped to let me use her phone so I could call home.

Broken Plate

The kid plates were in the dishwasher, so I used a regular plate for my son’s dinner. He had gotten down and my daughter’s dinner was still cooking. I turned to walk to the stove to flip her egg, when I got this voice in my head that said: “move that plate, it’s going to fall and shatter on the floor”. But I figured I would just flip the egg and then go get the plate. And before I had gotten to the stove, I heard the plate shattering on the floor. Now you might say that this is common sense, plates shattering, but I’ve dropped one on the floor previously and it was fine.


I’m still learning to notice these messages and take action on them. Many times, I only realize after the fact that these were messages. I believe that after some time with practice and guidance, I’ll really notice when I get these messages, and not after.

Do you receive messages like these? Join in on the conversation below!

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My 4 step Nightly Routine

My 4 step Nightly Routine

With two kids in the house, my spiritual routine is generally my nightly routine. (I’m working on a morning routine)

What do you do before bed? Do you just fall into bed after you’ve dozed off on the couch or do you meditate and use angel cards? What you do before bed or as soon as you get up makes all the difference in your life!

Nightly routine includes:

  1. Meditate
  2. Draw cards
  3. Journal
  4. Visualize while laying in bed, and say a little prayer


Every night I sit on my cushion to meditate. I enjoy a few different guided meditations or sometimes I’ll use a kundalini meditation, Sa Ta Na Ma.

Draw my Daily Angel Cards

I enjoy drawing cards each day. It’s my way to connect with my angels and to my inner self.


Once I’ve drawn my cards, I begin to journal. I start with the cards I received and what those cards mean. Then move on to other things that come up that I need to work through. I enjoy this time because I can include so many insights.

Visualize and say a little prayer

I’ve done the previous 3, brushed my teeth, turned my phone off, gotten under the covers. Now it’s time for the last steps. I visualize a white light shining out the top of my head. While this white light is glowing, I say a little prayer something along these lines:

Dear Universe and Angels, Please let me remember my dreams. Please let me recieve any messages that I need right now. Thankyou.

This routine helps me to fall asleep much easier. Also note, that I said I turned my phone off! This is a recent change and I think it helps so much. Especially in the mornings. I am less tempted to wake up to see what time it is on my phone and just go right on to checking emails before my feet have touched the floor. Now I don’t worry about my phone until after we have all gotten up and gotten breakfast.

All four steps don’t happen every night, but when it’s been a few days I can tell because I feel unsettled and disconnected. When I feel that, I know that it’s time to go to my office, sit down and meditate. It always makes me feel better.

What does your nightly routine include? Join the conversation below.

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Why I’m Passionate About Angels

Why I’m Passionate About Angels

The idea of angels and angel cards was intriguing to me when I bought my first pack in April. I don’t think I really believed in the spiritual side at that time, but I knew that the messages I needed came up right away.

For a while, I did readings for myself almost daily. I loved it. I still love doing readings for myself. I didn’t know much about angels, or what resources to use, or why I was using the deck that I was using.

So when the chance to learn more through a certification course came up, I jumped on it. I thought that I would learn a few things for my own readings, I never thought that I would be reading others. But when I found out that in order to complete the course, I had to do readings for 10 other people, I knew that I had to. And when I had done only a few other readings, I loved it! I knew that this was something I wanted to continue to do.

Best of all, I learned how to take care of my energy. I learned that I could call on Angels to protect myself, to boost my energy and to grow. I have always struggled with keeping my own energy and not letting the energies of others affect me. For the first time in my life, I felt like I was learning how to take care of myself properly. When we went over how to disconnect from the people we do readings on at the end of the session, I felt a huge wave of relief. This resonates with me so much because I have been given advice so many times on how to keep my energy. “Just let it go” “Don’t let it get to you.” – etc. None of it has resonated with me until now. Connecting with angels has changed my world.

When I get tired but still have hours left in the day, I ask for help. When I’m around too many people or someone with a negative attitude, I ask for help. When I feel lost, or confused, or upset, I ask for help. I ask the angels for help. Sometimes I need my cards to get the message and sometimes the message just comes to me in the moment.

I am still learning more about this area, but this is something that has changed my life and will stick with me forever.

Do you work with your Angels? Join the conversation below!

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