Follow Your Intuition, Not the Rule Book

I’ve recently started a reset group with some other spiritual creatives and I feel that these messages need to be shared with more people. Whether we’re doing a Reset with USANA or not, we can be mindful of this message.

Don’t do weight loss or restriction. This is about connecting the mind and body. Listen to your body about what to eat. Don’t follow the written directions provided in your Reset kit if they don’t feel good to you. Follow your body instead. Listen to it, it is very powerful and knows what you need. 

Your job is about cleaning your body up so that you can listen. It requires getting quiet, listening for the subtle messages that come through. Don’t question these voices. It may come through as a whisper, as a feeling in your body or you may see an image of what you are meant to eat and drink. However, the message comes is ok, as long as you are feeling good in your body.

Use this reset as a guide, but not as rule. Take your vitamins, drink the shakes and probiotics. These provide the nutrients you need to make wise decisions. This is a process, don’t feel bad or guiltily if one day you decide you really need to eat some fries. If that is the message from your soul, follow it. If it is from your ego, ask it why. Why do you need fries? Is it to celebrate? To numb? To cope with stress? If so, ask what you really need. To write? Draw? Meditate? Find new ways to cope, to work through the shadows and new ways to celebrate.

Celebrate every day, for every decision you take your by your intuition, celebrate in the name of intuition. Do not show anger towards yourself when you follow your ego. You can always choose again. Celebrate the success, the joy, do not punish the fear, or the disappointment.

You are human. It is your right to chose and your right to choose again. 
Enjoy your time. Listen to your body. This is a practice we will use all week and beyond. 

Restoring our Connection to the Universe

We’ve lost our connection to the Universe. We’ve lost our connection with the food we eat, and the people we talk to. We used to spend our days outside with the plants and animals. The more time we, as humans spend tied to a computer, the more time tied to our phones, the less connection we have. The less connection to our intuition we have. Our intuition is what tells us when to start or stop a new project, to change directions and to try new things. Our intuition protects us and makes us come alive! We need that connection. We are humans and as such, we crave that connection! Without the connection, we don’t have a purpose and we end up burnt out, angry, and depressed.

Angel cards are one tool that helps to restore that connection. We ask our angels for signs all the time without realizing it. We are constantly putting messages out into the Universe. With little connection, we miss the signs. But with a physical thing that we can hold, we can see, we can review later, we have a tangible connection to the divine. We can communicate with the cards and in doing so, restore our connection with our angels and the Universe.

We get that card that says we need to get outside, or eat healthier or to believe in ourselves and we take those steps. We begin to feel better and so we go back to the cards to see what else they have to say. Little by little, we are led back to our true nature and to that connection we so desire.

Then one day we begin to see signs without the cards, we get that little nudge without a physical object. That is our intuition returning to us. That is us seeing that intuition and taking action in the moment, without cards. That is what we are looking for. A sense of knowing within ourselves. Something that doesn’t require cards or books or counselors.

That is why I am so honored to be an angel card reader. I can help others connect to their intuition and to their angels. Alongside other Angel Card readers, we can connect the world to their intuition that has been trying to get through all along, one by one. It is my hope that more and more people try using Angel Cards (or doing yoga, or eating better, or getting outside more) and restore their connection and develop their intuition.

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