Morning Routine

My Morning Routine: Crystals

The final thing that I do each morning is to choose a crystal. I select the piece that feels in alignment with me that day. Different Crystal’s do different things. My amethyst is good for protection, my crystal quartz for energy and my garnet for grounding. My favorite pieces of jewelry are from Foxlark Alchemy. She creates amazing works of art. If I choose my amethyst, …

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My Morning Routine; Part 2: Smoothies

I love smoothies. It’s a quick way to get tons of fruit and veggies in quickly in the morning. Absolutely my wake-up juice. I don’t really like eating anything early in the morning, but juice, bring it on! I’ve been loving my smoothies so much that I’ve even added them to my nightly routine lately.  I love my chocolate cherry smoothie. That’s my go-to, though during …

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