Follow Your Intuition, Not the Rule Book

I’ve recently started a reset group with some other spiritual creatives and I feel that these messages need to be shared with more people. Whether we’re doing a Reset with USANA or not, we can be mindful of this message. Don’t do weight loss or restriction. This is about connecting the mind and body. Listen to your body about what to eat. Don’t follow the written directions provided in your Reset kit if they don’t feel good to you. Follow your body instead. Listen to it, it is very powerful and knows what you need.  Your job is about cleaning …

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The Spiritual Creative – Episode 1! – My first podcast

My 3 top tips for a healthy road trip! Freeze your own smoothie jars. They will melt as you drive. Nutrimeal or MySmart shakes – easy to shake up, just add water! Pack your own food, like a jar of overnight oats. To get your own Nutrimeal or MySmart Shakes (my favorites!) go click the link below. You’ll be able to see what I love, and get my discount as well. Or try out the new flavor of Nutrimeal here:

My Morning Routine; Part 2: Smoothies

I love smoothies. It’s a quick way to get tons of fruit and veggies in quickly in the morning. Absolutely my wake-up juice. I don’t really like eating anything early in the morning, but juice, bring it on! I’ve been loving my smoothies so much that I’ve even added them to my nightly routine lately.  I love my chocolate cherry smoothie. That’s my go-to, though during the summer I try to branch out and add in some other flavors. If I’m sick or feel it coming on, I’ll change it up too. I can’t tell you how many bags of …

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My Morning Routine; Part 1: CellSentials

This is going to be a series, starting with CellSentials, sharing my morning routine with you all. I think it’s super important to share this because for the longest time I didn’t think that I could have a morning routine. I have two kids and they are always up before I am. So any time I’ve tried to set a morning routine where I wake up alone, journal, meditate, and basically just start my day by myself, it hasn’t happened. I was frustrated and finally gave up on the idea. One day it finally hit me that I’ve been creating …

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My Top 5 Reasons to Love USANA

1. Dr. Wentz created USANA with an already impressive resume. Dr. Myron Wentz created USANA because he saw there was a need for a quality product to promote healthful living. He had already had a fulfilling, and impressive career before starting USANA. He is an immunologist, with such achievements as creating the first test for Epstein-Barr virus and receiving the Albert Einstein Award, along with the creation of USANA and the Sanoviv Medical Institute for holistic health. Wentz’s life “mission [is] to help people live healthier lives through scientific research, advanced nutritional products, cutting-edge medical facilities, and progressive humanitarian work.” …

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Celavive: I’ll never test another skincare product again

I’ve never had much of a skincare routine. I tried a bunch of things through my teens and early 20’s and never finished a bottle because they would make my face break out, or feel greasy, or just wouldn’t do anything at all. It was a waste of money, so I just stopped using anything. Seriously, no one needs a drawer with 30 different bottles when none of them work! I dealt with the dry itchy skin from just the bar of charcoal soap I use because at least it didn’t look like I hadn’t washed my face in a …

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How I found Supplementation and found freedom from Depression, Part 1

How I found Supplementation through USANA

This is the story of how I found USANA and MOMspired and why they have become products I can’t recommend enough! I first heard about USANA in a group coaching program. I was part of the program to recover from postpartum depression and to rediscover me. It was listed as a good resource in the back of the workbook and you can be sure I read that thing front to back many times. I couldn’t live depressed any longer. So I started asking questions about the USANA supplements. I started reading a book she also recommended (A Mind of Your …

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My Top Three Healthy Road Trip Tips

Pack Lunch and Snacks A couple of divided stainless steel containers were perfect for packing the kids’ lunches for our road trip. I also made a bag of granola bars. Homemade food always tastes much better and these don’t disappoint! Packing our lunches saves time and is much healthier than stopping for fast food. USANA Reset While this is usually for doing a  5-day reset, I thought it would be great for a road trip. It comes with portioned pouches of Nutrimeal, AM and PM supplements and packets of probiotics. All things that I need for a great road trip! I love …

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